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ZEISS BlueGuard

The new generation of blue light protection

This press kit is a bundled source of information for journalists, bloggers and other multipliers on ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses:

Developed to address today's "New Normal" technology and media use, ZEISS BlueGuard is the new generation of blue light protection. The blue light blocking properties are incorporated into the lens material itself. As a result, ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses provide excellent lens clarity while blocking part of the potentially harmful and irritating blue light in the wavelength range between 400 and 455 nanometers, which is widely known to be associated with digital eye strain.

As the scientific discussion about the risks of blue light continues, we asked our expert Christian Lappe to explain the technology behind ZEISS BlueGuard in our TechTalk interview. Besides the press release and the fact sheet, you can find further interesting facts about blue light in this article.

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  • ZEISS BlueGuard

    Ein Blaulichtfilter blockt potentiell schädliches Blaulicht und schützt dabei vor UV-Strahlung.

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  • ZEISS BlueGuard

    Blue light blocking lenses can reduce digital eye strain.

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  • ZEISS BlueGuard

    Blue light surrounds us every day and everywhere. The scientific and social debate about whether blue light is harmful to our eyes is still ongoing.

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  • Natural blue light

    There are two types of blue light: the natural blue emitted from the sun or the artificial light generated by LED lamps and displays.

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  • Blue light protection with eyeglass lenses

    It’s not absolutely necessary to use lenses with a blue light filter when using smartphones, screens, or monitors, as blue light from artificial light sources is not yet known to pose a risk to eye health.

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  • Blue light protection with eyeglass lenses

    Working with digital devices poses specific demands on the eyes.

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  • Artificial blue light

    Too much artificial blue light, for example from LEDs, screens, and monitors, impairs the sleep-wake rhythm and therefore the quality of our sleep and wellbeing.

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  • Gaming Glasses

    Are Glasses with Blue Light Filters a Good Idea for Gamers?

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