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ZEISS ClearView

Stock Lenses That Are Not Standard

This Press Kit is a bundled source of information for journalists, bloggers, and other multipliers about ZEISS ClearView – the new premium freeform lens design for finished single vision lenses.

Single vision lenses are the most sold ophthalmic lens type, with the vast majority of these lenses being finished single vision "stock" lenses. Typically, those finished single vision lenses are rated by the material and coating or how thin and flat they are, often leading to a compromise in the lens's optics. ZEISS has recognized the existing challenges in single vision lenses as an opportunity and developed a new product that overcomes these limitations. The result is ZEISS ClearView. You can learn more about the innovation in the press release and the fact sheet.

Press Photos

  • ZEISS ClearView

    The campaign key visual highlights the premium quality optics of the new stock lenses that are anything but standard.

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  • ZEISS ClearView

    ZEISS is transforming the single vision lens market by bringing many aspects of freeform lens design to stock lenses.

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Press Contact Maria Conrad International PR: Eyeglass Lenses, Coatings and Materials

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