An Illustration of many different kids and teens with differently shaped and colored glasses on black background.

Under 20 and looking for glasses?

Discover ZEISS lenses for the young generation.

Nobody sees like YOUR child.

Their eyes and your options – explained.

We’re passionate about caring for children’s eyes. But vision can be complex – even at a young age. That’s why the right product for any young patient should be confirmed with a thorough eye exam. As a parent, you want the best for your child. At the same time, practical aspects like your insurance and budget can impact your choices.

We’re happy to give you all the options and information you need to make an informed decision with the help of your optician.

Our goal: the perfect lens for EACH young individual.

Tips for parents with kids that wear glasses.

We know it can be a struggle.

The moment of realisation that a child might need glasses can be daunting for parents – and kids as well.​​ Will this change how others see them? Will they be made fun of? Will their eyesight get worse? Will glasses hinder their happiness? ​​​The good news is: Glasses are quite common and well-accepted these days. A quality product combined with a positive mindset can really make all the difference.

What can you do as a parent?

It’s hard to predict how your child will react to wearing glasses. These tips might help them learn to love it.

Let them be part of the decision-making process. Choosing a nice frame can be a fun experience.
Two kid frames on balloons.
Quality optics can make a big difference. Also, add a coating to make the glasses tough enough for kid life.
A girl with crossed arms and diry glasses from playing with colored poweder looks boldly and smirks.
Emphasize the positive. After all, glasses can help them live their best life.
A girls with a helmet and glasses rolls lying on a skateboard down the road and stretches her arms out.
A pair of glasses with clear lenses lies on colorful powder.

ZEISS DuraVision Kids – don’t settle for less.

This coating made for kid life makes the lenses look virtually invisible. It also ensures they’re durable, scratch resistant and oh-so-easy to clean. So your child can live full-steam ahead.

What makes ZEISS glasses unique?

Optics, protection, aesthetics and more.