DuraVision® Premium Coatings

See better and look better

Lens coatings transform plastic lenses into everyday masterpieces. They harden plastic lenses, making them dirt-resistant and easier to clean. But that's not the end of the story. Good anti-reflective coatings are equally essential. Try the all-in-one DuraVision Premium Coatings from ZEISS. They come in two quality categories: Platinum and Silver. DuraVision Platinum contains all the performance characteristics of DuraVision Silver and even goes one better with its hard coating! A special production process makes this possible.

How you benefit

Protection, additional functions and last-but-not-least the ultimate in eyewear fashion

  • Clear and relaxed vision thanks to the lenses' higher transparency.
  • Improved appearance because of fewer irritating reflections on the lens.
  • The most up-to-date anti-reflective coating on the front and back of the lens.
  • Outstanding durability for robust and scratch-resistant lenses.
  • Easy-to-clean lenses thanks to the antistatic coat and CleanCoat.

DuraVision Premium lens coatings
– the best protection for your ZEISS lenses

ZEISS lens coatings for all your needs

Lenses have to withstand a lot of punishment. Daily stress and strain require durable, dirt-repellent lenses which are easy to clean. ZEISS premium lens coatings give you all of this in two quality categories: Silver and Platinum. For anyone who requires the optimum coating for their lenses.

1// DuraVision® Silver

See better and look better

DuraVision Silver is the most economical of the ZEISS DuraVision Premium coatings. Like DuraVision Platinum, DuraVision Silver is distinguished by its outstanding anti-reflective qualities. This gives you two advantages: reflection-free vision and a good appearance because the person you're talking to has a clear view of your eyes – it's as if the lenses weren't there at all.

The new anti-reflective coating technology makes it possible:

A new anti-reflective coating is used with the DuraVision Premium Silver and Platinum coatings. You can see this from the blue residual reflection if you hold the lens at an angle against a white background. Every lens with an anti-reflective coating has this residual reflection which is green in many traditional lenses. For its Premium coatings, ZEISS uses a blue colour which, although it is more complex to produce, allows more light to reach the wearer's eyes – a definite benefit for better vision. Reflections are reduced on both the front and back surfaces of the lens by an additional 20%**.

Outstanding anti-reflective qualities thanks to the blue residual reflection

Clear vision

A higher light transmission for even clearer vision.**

Clear vision

20 % fewer irritating reflections on the back ensures unimpaired vision.**

A better appearance

20 % fewer reflections on the front of the lens ensures a better appearance.**

** As compared with ZEISS glass lenses with standard anti-reflective coating with a green residual reflection.

Anti-reflective qualities
The comparison: without DuraVision® Premium (left image) and with DuraVision® Premium (right image).

Anti-reflective qualities

The less-noticeable, blue residual reflection colour raises the lenses' light transmission and provides clearer vision. These lenses offer 20% lower light reflectance than the conventional anti-reflective coatings from ZEISS with green residual reflection like LotuTec.

Dirt-repellent lenses
The comparison: without DuraVision® Premium (left image) and with DuraVision® Premium (right image).

Dirt-repellent lenses

The patented antistatic coating prevents the accumulation of static. Dirt and lint are not attracted to the lens surface, meaning that the lenses stay clean longer.

Lenses that are easy to clean
The comparison: without DuraVision® Premium (left image) and with DuraVision® Premium (right image).

Lenses that are easy to clean

Thanks to their ultra-smooth CleanCoat, these lenses are specially easy to clean. Eyeglass lenses with a large contact angle repel water much more effectively.

2// DuraVision® Platinum

The most durable ZEISS lenses of all time

DuraVision Platinum contains all the features of DuraVision Silver. But it goes one better when it comes to durability! With DuraVision Platinum, you give your lenses the best hard coating ZEISS has ever had.

For anyone who won't settle for the best

What is the most important quality in a lens coating? 7 out of the 10 people we asked responded that scratch resistance and durability are most important. This isn't surprising because lenses must keep up with our modern lives and be sufficiently durable to rise to the challenges life poses, both at work and in our free time.

With DuraVision Platinum, ZEISS takes hard coating to the next level. A special manufacturing process makes our plastic lenses more durable than ever before. Internal measurements have shown that with DuraVision Platinum ZEISS can produce lenses that are three times harder than in the past.

More robust lenses
The comparison: without DuraVision® Premium (left image) and with DuraVision® Premium (right image).

More robust lenses

ZEISS lenses with DuraVision Platinum coating are three times harder than conventionally coated plastic lenses from ZEISS and 35% harder than anti-reflective glass lenses from ZEISS.*


*ZEISS lenses with DuraVision® Platinum coating and 1.5 refractive index in comparison to ZEISS Single Vision Sph glass 1.5 with SUPER ET. Measured with the Bayer Test and conducted using the COLTS standard operating procedure and an abrasive recommended by COLTS.

This is how we make DuraVision® Platinum so durable

Ions do the job!

The coating of every DuraVision Platinum lens consists of nine ultra-thin layers: first, the base glass receives a hard coating, followed by various anti-reflective coatings including an antistatic coating and finally by the CleanCoat layer. This topmost layer seals the lens and creates a perfectly smooth surface. Dirt and moisture bead off to enable a perfect, easy-to-clean lens.

The new, ultra-thin coatings from DuraVision Platinum
The new, ultra-thin coatings from DuraVision Platinum

However, the extreme hardness of DuraVision® Platinum can only be achieved by a special coating technology. The lenses are repeatedly bombarded by special ions during the production process. These transfer their kinetic energy to the lens and optimally compact the layers into one single coating. This ensures optimum adherence of the individual layers to each other. The result is a lens surface that is three times harder than the previous generation of ZEISS plastic lenses.* It is this very smooth and hard surface that makes the lenses more durable, dirt-resistant and easy to clean.

*ZEISS lenses with DuraVision® Platinum technology in 1.67 compared to LotuTec 1.67.

Conventional technology

A microscopic section of a lens using conventional technology. The coatings are not tightly stacked.

DuraVision® Platinum technology

A detailed view of a lens with DuraVision® Platinum technology as seen through a microscope. The coatings are tightly stacked.

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