LotuTec® standard lens coating

Your basic ZEISS lens coating – the economical choice

Do you need a simple coating for reading spectacles or a second pair of glasses? ZEISS LotuTec is a standard coating comprising an anti-reflective coating, CleanCoat, that enables easy cleaning and a standard hard coating.

How you benefit

Basic protection and easy cleaning

  • ZEISS spectacle lenses featuring the LotuTec anti-reflective coating are robust because they also offer a hard coating.
  • Thanks to their flat, smooth surface, dust and lint do not easily stick to the surface and the spectacle lens is dirt-repellent.
  • Spectacle lenses with LotuTec are extremely easy to clean thanks to the ultra-smooth CleanCoat. Eyeglass lenses with a large contact angle repel oil and water much more effectively.
  • LotuTec offers very good anti-reflective properties and comes with a classic green reflection colour.

LotuTec® – the right choice for standard protection

For a second pair of glasses, for example

When selecting your ZEISS lens coating, your personal needs for your new glasses are important. LotuTec is a fantastic base lens coating.


When is it the perfect solution?

  • Are you looking for attractively-priced ZEISS glasses?
  • Are your new glasses intended as a second pair, e.g. reading glasses, a substitute for contact lenses?
  • Are these glasses a temporary solution and do not need to offer maximum comfort and protection?
  • Cutting-edge anti-reflective coatings aren't a must-have feature for you?

The beading effect of LotuTec® makes this all possible

Easy to clean and dirt-repellent all in one

Dirt fights a losing battle with LotuTec: a CleanCoat smooths the surface of the lenses, making it more difficult for dirt and dust to adhere and thus enormously simplifying lens care.

Entirely invisible! Water beads right off thanks to the wetting properties of the coating – just like a lotus flower. A beneficial bonus, particularly for anti-reflective lenses, because you are more likely to notice dirt through improved reflection reduction than on lenses without such a coating.

Without LotuTec

Without LotuTec®

As with some plant leaves, fluid and dirt particles gather on the surface of the lens.

With LotuTec

With LotuTec®

As with lotus leaves, fluid and dirt simply drip or fall off the lens thanks to the Clean Coat of LotuTec®.

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