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Turn your own event into a special experience. Our facilities offer you the space for various formats – learn more here about selected events that took place at the ZEISS Forum.

Highlights from 2019

2019 kick-off

ZEISS 2019 kick-off

Almost 50 years after the first moon landing, the guests of the ZEISS Year 2019 kick-off were able to get a taste of space. Befitting to the view of the stars, the optics group had invited two pioneers of outer space to the ZEISS Forum: Dr. Sigmund Jähn, first German in outer space, and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Walter, science astronaut.

Event of the Chamber Music Forum Ba-Wü e.V.

Robert Schumann – Life, songs, music

The romantic composer Robert Schumann has created an extensive collection of songs. Reciter Lutz Görner, pianist Nadia Singer and the English tenor Edward Leach introduced themselves expressively, elegantly and virtuously. An event of the chamber music Forum Ba-Wü e.V.

ZEISS Innovation Award 2019

Innovation Awards 2019

Every two years ZEISS celebrates innovative internal projects in five different categories with the Innovation Awards. The most innovative ideas from all segments, business-supporting functions and sales and service companies will be chosen by an external jury.

Earnings have grown continuously in the past few years

  • Oh! Heroes at the stove 2017

    OH! Heroes at the stove 2017

    It was a special honor for the ZEISS Forum to be able to host the event "OH! Heroes at the stove", organized by the Opera Festival Heidenheim, Germany. The 120 guests were able to enjoy a live cooking show that was accompanied by opera music.

  • Aalen Jazz Festival 2017

    The 26th Aalen Jazz Fest 2017

    Excellent Jazz is not only found on the big stages around the world. A first class program with a high caliber cast presented the 26th Aalen Jazz Fest, which counts among the ten biggest Jazz events in Germany. The ZEISS Forum was host to 3 concerts.

  • Carl Zeiss Nordics Dinner Party

    Carl Zeiss Nordics Dinner Party

    As a triumphant finale for the end of the year and to celebrate a successful business year, the Scandinavian countries thought of something special for their employees. A smashing party with exquisite food continued by a dance in the ZEISS Forum!

  • ZEISS Forum Symposium

    Carl Zeiss Colloquium

    On Tuesday, March 6, 2018, Dr. Damian Borth attended the ZEISS Forum as a guest. In his speech entitled "Modern Artificial Intelligence: How Mechanical Neuronal Networks Learn and Think", he explained what artificial intelligence and associated topics like machine learning really mean.

  • European Outdoor Film Tour 17/18

    European Outdoor Film Tour 17/18

    Since its formation in 2001, the European Outdoor Film Tour presents hand-picked documentaries from fields like outdoor sports, adventure and travel. Stories from real people who brought their outdoor dreams to life and let the viewer participate in a completely unadorned manner.

  • 2018 New Year's Reception

    ZEISS kick-off 2018

    During the kick-off event for the ZEISS Initiative 2018 – "Rethinking Education", the company also presented the MINT Awards to honor five projects by high school students, vocational trainees and university students. After this, Dr. Richard David Precht and Prof. Dr. Michael Kaschke gave a talk on the topic of education.

  • Event of the Chamber Music Forum Ba-Wü e.V.

    Ludwig van Beethoven – his life and music

    The young pianist Nadia Singer lights up the event together with the experienced speaker Lutz Görner. Together, the artists brought the composer Ludwig van Beethoven to life through word and music. An event of the chamber music Forum Ba-Wü e.V.

  • ZEISS Symposium 2018

    ZEISS Symposium 2018 Optics in the Quantum World

    Around 300 international experts from the science and industrial sector came together at the ZEISS Symposium "Optics in the Quantum World" to discuss trends and new scientific findings in quantum technologies.

  • Technology Conference 2018

    Technology Conference 2018

    The technology conference for semiconductor manufacturing technology is an annual series of events for all development employees. They are informed about various main topics during poster sessions or lectures. Focus on networking and knowledge sharing.

  • Agade Quartet – WM Classix

    Agade Quartet – WM Classix

    The ensemble consists of members of the Essen Philharmonics and the Aalen conductor and physicist Gero Wittich. Pieces by Giacomo Puccini, Joseph Haydn, Antonin Dvorak and Johannes Brahms were part of the program. A brilliant concert.

  • Württemberg Chamber Choir

    Württemberg chamber choir – unknown circumstances

    The most well-known love triangle in music history between Clara and Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms was explored. Choirmaster Dieter Kurz skillfully took advantage of his singers' dynamic possibilities. Chamber music Forum Ba-Wü e.V.

  • iLive Future Forum

    iLive Future Forum

    The i Live group of companies held its Future Forum at the ZEISS Forum in 2018. Guests included futurologist Matthias Horx and trend observer Mathias Haas. The company is one of the leading and most innovative providers of lifestyle micro-living in the German-speaking region.