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Challenge the Limits of Imagination

175 years of ZEISS

Ever since ZEISS was founded 175 years ago, curiosity, passion and precision have been inspiring us, our customers and our partners. Together, we have succeeded time after time in opening up new perspectives, transforming major challenges into major opportunities, and making the impossible possible.

In spite of the many changes the world has seen over the past 175 years, one thing has stayed the same: together, we challenge the limits of our imagination.

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    • ZEISS corporate headquarters in Oberkochen

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    • Factory at the ZEISS site in south Jena

      The ZEISS factory building in Jena south is the embodiment of continuous progress. The SMT business unit SMS is also located here.

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    • ZEISS site in south Jena

      At the historic Jena site ZEISS SMT combines tradition with vision for future. The SMT business unit SMS is also located here.

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    • New high-tech site in Jena, as seen from west train station (first construction phase)

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    • New high-tech site in Jena, entrance (first construction phase)

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    • New high-tech site in Jena, interior view.

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    • Model of new high-tech site in citizens' advice bureau in Jena

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    • The Pitch Polishing

      Pitch Polishing is a special process where a steady hand and experience are essential.

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    • Sandra Arendt works at ZEISS in Jena as a precision optics engineer.

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    • In optical production, the coatings on the lens surface are manually inspected for dust particles.

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    • During the visual quality assurance inspection, the lens surfaces are checked for imperfections.

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    • The entire series optics portfolio is cleaned in the ultrasonic washing unit.

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    • Quality assurance for lenses is done in a laminar flow box with employees wearing protective clothing and hairnets.

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    • ZEISS supplies innovative visualization systems for neuro- and spine surgery, ENT, reconstructive surgery and dentistry.

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    • ZEISS produces the visualization systems for microsurgery at its site in Oberkochen and at other locations.

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    • The ZEISS TIVATO 700 is a multidisciplinary advanced visualization system that was developed for spine, ENT and reconstructive surgery.

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    • When calibrating the high-resolution microscope systems, accuracy in the nanometer range is essential.

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    • The microscope platform ZEISS Axio Observer is assembled in several stages on the production line.

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    • An assembly line for ZEISS scanning electron microscopes in Cambourne, UK, where products are manufactured to customer order.

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    • ZEISS EUV illumination system

      ZEISS EUV illumination system made of 15,000 individual parts and weighing 1.5 tons

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    • ZEISS mirror for the next EUV generation, High NA

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    • The ZEISS CONVIVO® In Vivo Pathology Suite transmits confocal images of tissue microstructures gained intraoperatively to the neuropathologist and provides the surgeon with real-time assistance while in the OR.

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    • CLARUS™ 700 combines ultra-widefield UWF imaging, excellent image quality, and a full range of fundus imaging modalities, including fundus angiography.

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    • vivo X60 Pro 5G

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    • ZEISS ZX1 product in use

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    • ZEISS Lattice Lightsheet 7

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    • Multifunctional Smart Glass

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    • Multifunctional Smart Glass

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    • Carl Zeiss' first workshop in Jena (1846)

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    • The home and administrative building of Carl Zeiss’s workshop on Littergässchen

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    • Anniversary postcard from the Carl Zeiss Optical Works, 1896.

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    • Main Carl Zeiss factory in Jena (1908)

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    • Carl Zeiss around 1850

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    • Carl Zeiss circa 1885

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    • Early simple microscope, as Carl Zeiss produced it from 1847 onward

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    • Compound microscope from Carl Zeiss, Stand I, from 1891

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    • Ernst Abbe

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    • Dr. Otto Schott

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    • Destroyed Carl Zeiss factory in Jena (1945)

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    • New beginning

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    • Demontage, Dissolution of the Carl Zeiss factory in Jena

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    • News about winning the case against Carl Zeiss Jena reaches factory gates in Oberkochen on 29 July 1954.

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    • Main Carl Zeiss factory in Jena in 1958

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    • ZEISS employees in Jena protest against the impending loss of their jobs, 13 February 1990.

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    • Signing of the Biebelried Declaration by (left to right) Wolfgang Adolphs (Schott Mainz), Klaus-Dieter Gattnar, Horst Skoludek and Dieter Altmann (Jenaer Glaswerk) in the conference room at the Leicht guest house in Biebelried, 29 May 1990.

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    • Demonstration to retain the Carl Zeiss Foundation in Jena, 20 February 1991

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    • First employee meeting at Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH on 19 December 1991

      Damaliger Vorstandssprecher Horst Skolude am Rednerpult.

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    • Oberkochen Executive Board spokesman Horst Skoludek (right) with employees from the local Legal department Neithardt von Einem and Claudia Bolsinger.

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    • Peter Grassmann addressing the press after a landmark Supervisory Board meeting on 16 February 1995. In the background: Thuringia's Economic Minister Franz Schuster (left). Photographer: Kreidner, Hans-Werner, Jena

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