Your Action Has a Major Impact

Aditya Venkatesh has always been a team player, and a very good one, on top of that. He represented his school as a member of the cricket team and of the basketball team. Today, he still meets his friends and former teammates for a good match. He loves to win, for sure, but most important for him is the common experience.

He knows, to create something special, you need the team as much as the team needs you. What drives him to give his best all the time is the fact, that the action of each individual has an impact on the group. For this is what he experiences in sports, and also as a pre-sales & data analytics professional at ZEISS – every day.

At the office - Aditya Venkatesh

Aditya is a bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications Engineering. He also achieves an MBA in International Marketing & International Business. As an Engineer he values the technological quality, as a Marketing expert he knows the significance of an outstanding brand management. At ZEISS, he sees both aspects in a perfect combination, that is why he joined the company in the first place. That the company was the perfect match for his personal growth, he learned pretty soon after joining.

“At ZEISS, I see the impact of my work, I see my strategy coming through in a bigger picture. I am allowed to grow by being given new tasks and taking new challenges. My teammates and my manager trust me. That is a good experience.” By being given a very surprising challenge, Aditya got to know, how much his manager trusted him.

One day, Aditya was asked to play an important role in the implementation of the new CRM system. What made the mission very special, was the fact, that he had to join the team on short notice. The person in charge left shortly before and Aditya did not have the formal training that has been given already. It was a big opportunity, but at the same time it also meant the risk of failure. Was he ready to take this challenge? He asked himself this question, and he found the answer not by looking at himself, but by looking around. The trust in being part of a supporting team helped him to go for it. And he was not disappointed.

“The first months had been really tough, but I received so much support from my manager who sat down and explained what is needed for the CRM reporting, the part I was in charge of. The sales team patiently helped me understanding the criteria for the customer’s classification and in which way the right CRM report would help. I was never alone.”

Aditya Venkatesh

At ZEISS, Your Commitment Matters

As a sportsman, Aditya learned not to give up when it is getting tough, instead he always tried hard to consistently give his best and perform well under pressure. This is how you bring a difficult match towards your direction to finally win it. That he would win this game, he knew after around six months when he and his team were in the middle of the project:

In one meeting, I had the opportunity to present my reports to a team from the headquarters. They were impressed by what they had seen and gave very positive feedback. From that day on I knew it was going well.

Finally, the project was executed successfully. Aditya is more patient now, when things do not come his way. The confidence he had in ZEISS was deeply strengthened: “At ZEISS, you get opportunities because of your performance, not because of the years you already stayed. Everything is based on your commitment, so your work really does have an impact.”

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