A Passion for Humanity

Education is the key to change the world to the better: Your own world and the world of others. This lesson Ruchika Yadav learned as a young girl, and it came as a big challenge. When her father had to move to another town for a job, he let her stay in Delhi with her grandparents. This has not been an easy step for all, but he wanted to give his daughter the opportunity to visit the best school in Delhi, in order to give her a good start for her future life. Many years later as a highly skilled professional at ZEISS, it was education again that became the biggest challenge of Ruchika’s career so far. And it came as a surprise.

Ruchika Yadav - The drive to be helpful to others

It was her Dad and her grandpa Ruchika looked up to. Courageous, confident and honest men who worked hard for the family, always being humble and helpful to others. Compassion became Ruchika’s passion. How could she help to improve the life of other people?

This question she answered herself by studying optometry to specialize in eye care. After spending some time working in a hospital, she realized, she could not reach as many people as she wished. She changed to the corporate world. For her, ZEISS Vision was the best option she could think of.

ZEISS is a leading company in vision care.
Carl Zeiss shaped most aspects of the optical instrument production like lenses with the honest intention to improve people’s lives. Still today, this is a company that has a purpose, its products have a reason. This is why I wanted to join.

Ruchika Yadav - ZEISS is a leading company in vision care.

Ruchika started at ZEISS in 2013 in the sales department. Sales was the field, she felt she could have the most impact, and she felt very comfortable with. Being a sales manager was the role she would keep for the rest of her career, so she thought. But everything changed in 2017. She was given the opportunity to set up a new training function, to be responsible for a Pan India Training Team. This was a completely new field and a big challenge. Too big? Ruchika hesitated. She felt, she was not ready for this step.

Honestly, I was totally insecure. Numbers and figures have been my KPIs for so long. Sales was so important for me, and of course it is important for a company. In the new role I had no numbers, no figures that could measure the success as I knew it. I felt a bit off the tracks.

It took Ruchika a few months to accept the new challenge. An important helper in that decision making was her manager Rahul Khetawat. He was a strong supporter in the transition phase from a sales manager to a training manager. He helped her to overcome her self-doubt, and he helped her to see the opportunities ZEISS has given her with that new role.

Actually, Ruchika knew well, that education can change people’s life, that lesson she learned as a kid. So finally, she accepted the challenge and started to develop a new education program for ZEISS Vision Care in India.

Every role change comes with a risk of success or failure, but learning is assured.

Ruchika Yadav

The Pan India Training Program became a big success. With the help of her team, Ruchika developed training modules and methods for sales and customer service teams. In the new role she also discovered her creative side, at work and in her private life. She started writing and managing her own blogs.

The quality time she manages to spend with her 5 years old son Ahaan is also giving her the energy for her daily work. Being a manager and a mom requires a lot of power, which Ruchika has. So, in July 2019 Ruchika accepted her next big challenge as the sales manager for North India. Looking back, it was this journey from sales to training at ZEISS that influenced her personality strongly and that is helping her also in her new role.

In order to grow you must be open to take new challenges, you need to operate in new functions, and you need to understand tasks of other roles. Today, I look at things in a holistic way, and I am a much more patient person than I was before.

It helps me, and it helps others. ZEISS has given me this opportunity to live my passion and find my own way.

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