Dense cataracts

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Treating dense cataracts – when routine becomes a challenge

Clinical challenge

Removing hard cataracts can be difficult even for the most experienced cataract surgeons. Patients are typically older, with low visual acuity and coexisting ocular pathologies.1,2

In this case, it is essential to get a detailed understanding of the patient's underlying conditions and prepare for possible challenges during the surgical procedure. Also, informing the patient about their condition is vital to managing expectations.2,3

If you can find a retinal problem before surgery, its a preexisting condition (i.e. the patient owns the problem). If you find the problem after cataract surgery, it‘s considered a complication of the surgery and this puts pressure on us to do pre-operative diagnosis.

William F. Wiley, M.D.


ZEISS Workflow solutions for challenges of dense cataract

ZEISS offers reliable technologies and services to optimize cataract procedures - even when a supposedly routine case turns into a challenge.