Advancing Smart OCT

As the world’s leading OCT innovator, ZEISS has been at the forefront of industry-defining advancements that have made OCT the standard of care. Today, that leadership continues with new clinical assessment tools for CIRRUS 500 and 5000.

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CIRRUS 6000 from ZEISS


Advancing practice efficiencies with Smart OCT

With the CIRRUS 500/5000 dense data cubes, tightly spaced B-scans, (either 30 or 47 μm apart), ensure that small areas of pathology are imaged. For reference, a human hair is about 40-120 μm in diameter. FastTrac™ reduces eye motion artifacts without sacrificing patient throughput with a proprietary scan acquisition strategy, high speed 20 Hz LSO camera, and single-pass alignment scanning. With FastTrac, you can scan at the highest resolution at the same location at each visit and utilize automated wellness reports that provide immediate guidance on patient care.

CIRRUS 5000 from ZEISS

Field of View

Expand your field of view beyond 45 degrees

From an ophthalmoscope to a 45-degree fundus camera and OCT, today CIRRUS 5000 provides a 60-degree OCTA widefield view. 8x8mm single scans and 14x14mm automated OCTA montage allow for rapid peripheral assessment of the retina. Wider and deeper imaging delivers greater diagnostic efficiency and increases patient throughput.

CIRRUS 6000 from ZEISS
14x14 Montage

Anterior Capability

Multi-modal OCT with full anterior chamber imaging and measurement capability

CIRRUS 500/5000 is the first retinal OCT with full anterior chamber imaging and measurement capability. It can expand your ability to include comprehensive imaging and quantification of the anterior segment for refractive surgery planning and follow-up, corneal evaluation, and glaucoma assessment.

CIRRUS 6000 from ZEISS
ChamberView™ Full Anterior Chamber

OCT Angiography

Embrace a New Era in Non-Invasive Imaging

With the CIRRUS 5000 non-invasive OCT angiography (OCTA) technology, you can confidently visualize retinal microvasculature and monitor change over time. With a single click, ZEISS AngioPlex isolates retinal layers of interest from the vitreoretinal interface, deep into the choroid. AngioPlex for Macula and ONH allows you to objectively assess and track progressive eye disease.

CIRRUS 6000 from ZEISS

Data Migration

Empower your legacy data

The ZEISS CIRRUS platform protects legacy data, guided progression analysis and base lines which empower diagnostic decision-making. Technological advancements in speed, scan protocols and efficiencies found within the CIRRUS 500/5000 enable you to provide patients with seamless continuity at every step of their care, when referring to legacy CIRRUS 4000 data.

CIRRUS 6000 from ZEISS
Legacy data
Inder Paul Singh, MD
Dan Epshtein¹, OD

A Smart OCT is one that helps drive decision making now and down the road. My CIRRUS 5000 provides repeatable high-resolution images of the retina, optic nerve, and anterior segment. The software analyses allow for efficient review of patient data and reliable progression metrics that help me manage patients year after year and OCTA has added a layer of clinical insight far beyond structural OCT alone.

Eric Schneider, MD
Kerry Solomon², MD

Zeiss’s biggest secret / surprise for anterior segment surgeons… CIRRUS has full anterior imaging and quantification capability. So for folks who already have a CIRRUS, you may already have the ability to perform epithelial thickness mapping (or upgrade your software to enable it).

Advance your practice with Smart OCT

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Advance your practice with Smart OCT

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