Your Journey to SMILE

Start your journey to SMILE, the flapless, single-laser approach and future of laser vision correction.

Together we can.

Strategic marketing for today’s modern practice.

To assist you on your SMILE journey, we asked experts in marketing, trend analysis, search engine optimization (SEO), website development, social media and public relations to weigh in on strategies. By utilizing and optimizing your marketing plan, you may attract more patients to your practice, improve workflow efficiencies, increase referrals and benefit from the growing need and popularity of laser vision correction.


Leading surgeons talk about the barrier of patient fear, how marketing a flapless option can actually help grow the overall laser vision correction market, plus how and why SMILE is the next evolution and the future of laser vision correction – here today1.

Can SMILE help grow the LVC market by dispelling the patient fear factor?
Does talking about a flapless alternative to LASIK create fear within the laser vision correction market?
How has SMILE been received by your optometric co-management network?
Many other companies are pursuing a SMILE-like procedure option, why do you think that is?
"Super vision" Fact or fiction?
What happens if a patient comes to you for SMILE but isn't a candidate?
What percentage of your patients qualify for SMILE?
Why do you consider SMILE to be the next evolution of laser vision correction?

Podcast series

Looking to learn while on the go? Download one of these refractive podcast episodes and hear from industry experts as they discuss topics designed to help you brand and market your practice to the modern consumer. New episodes are added on a regular basis, so bookmark this page to ensure you don't miss out1.

Virtual Consults

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Branding Your Practice

Format: MP3
Size: 31 MB

Strategic Marketing

Format: MP3
Size: 26 MB

Embrace the Blog

Format: MP3
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Get the 5 Star Reviews You Deserve

Format: MP3
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Keywords and the Patient Journey

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We're So Predictable... Just Ask Google

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Practice support

The ZEISS Practice Support Program showcases our commitment to doctors who use our advanced technology. We can provide you with engaging waiting room videos, patient brochures and posters, a patent education placemat and a practice support kit. ZEISS customers also enjoy access to the ZRefractive App, where they have immediate access to comprehensive portfolio of SMILE related marketing materials, digital patient education materials, laser vision correction calculator and a vast selection of assets related to OD co-management, refractive education and practice staff training. All available from the convenience of your phone or tablet device.

Discover how the ZEISS Practice Development Team can help energize your practice. In this video, Dr. Robert Lin of IQ Laser Vision discusses his experience working with ZEISS as a refractive partner, and shares his experience with the ZEISS Clinical and Practice Development Team throughout his personal Journey to SMILE.

Download the PSP flyer (2 MB)

Download the interactive patient guide (30 MB)

Optometric Co-management

Ultimate Guide to SMILE Refractive Surgery for Optometrists Ryan S. Vida, OD, FAAO

Gain All the Advantages of Refractive Surgery Co-Management

Page(s): 2
Size: 121 KB

SMILE Offers New Refractive Surgery Opportunities
Interview with Jeffrey Augustine, OD and Bobby Saenz, OD

Page(s): 2
Size: 138 KB

How SMILE Fits into the OD-MD Practice
Interview with Jeffrey Augustine, OD and William F. Wiley, MD

Page(s): 2
Size: 103 KB

Educational resources

Your all-in-one refractive data and nomogram tool.

Page(s): 2
Size: 1.8 MB

Take 5 with a SMILE Surgeon
A Conversation with Sonny Goel, MD

Page(s): 1
Size: 130 KB

VisuMax from ZEISS

Page(s): 13
Size:  25 MB

SMILE® Clinical Compendium
Peer-reviewed journal articles

Page(s): 40
Size: 1.2 MB

SMILE Sparks Renewed Enthusiasm for Refractive Surgery

Page(s): 2
Size: 80 KB

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Incision Lenticule Extraction
Interview with Shamik Bafna, MD

Page(s): 2
Size: 83 KB

SMILE: It's What Patients Have Been Waiting For
Interview with Y. Ralph Chu, MD

Page(s): 2
Size: 120 KB

Frequently Asked Questions about SMILE
Interview with John Doane, MD

Page(s): 2
Size: 93 KB

Frequently asked Questions About Small Incision Lenticule Extraction
Interview with D. Rex Hamilton, MD

Page(s): 2
Size: 98 KB

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  • 1 The statements of the healthcare professionals in the podcasts and videos reflect only their personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of any institution with which they are affiliated. The healthcare professionals speaking in the podcasts and videos have a contractual or other financial relationship with Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc., and have received financial support.