STP File

What is an STP file?

The STP file format is a manufacturer-independent format for describing computer-generated 3D models. The file format is based on the STEP standard for describing product data. STEP stands for STandard for the Exchange of Product model data. This standard is linked to ISO Standard 10303. STP files can be imported into the ZEISS software using drag & drop and opened in this way.

The files are mainly used for the transfer of 3D graphics. This makes STP files suitable for designing and testing individual pre-cast parts and shapes. By transmitting specific product information, STP files are a useful companion for product planning.

Opening an STP file

In order to open an STP file, a suitable application such as the ZEISS software must be installed.

Applications and Industries

There are numerous uses for STP files, most of which are related to modeling. The files can be used to design digital test models, for example. Computer-assisted development also requires STP files to ensure a compact and fully visual representation. In computer-assisted manufacturing, theoretical content with the STP exchange format forms the basis for new CAD models.

Easy visualization of complex projects

The visualization of products and processes plays an important role in architecture, for example. This is why STP file extensions are used there in order to access identical content in different offices and environments. STP files make the transmitted content easy to read and ensure that new drafts can be opened without any problems.

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