ZEISS Reference Spheres and Calibration Artifacts

ZEISS Reference Spheres And Calibration Artifacts

Reliable measurement results

Ensure the accuracy of your measurements with ZEISS calibration artifacts and reference spheres.

  • Precise calibration artifacts
  • Accurate measurement results
  • Versatile applications for various instruments
ZEISS Calibration artifacts

ZEISS Calibration artifacts

Calibration artifacts help to closely monitor the accuracy of measuring machines. Our portfolio includes i.a. calibration artifacts for coordinate measuring machines, multisensor devices, CT measuring machines or for roughness or surface measuring devices.

ZEISS Reference spheres

ZEISS Reference spheres

The exact calibration is a prerequisite for all measurements. For this you need a reference body, which, depending on the application, can be a reference sphere, a ring or triple or an optical gauge. This measuring body is measured with a reference styli. As a result, the software knows the position and shape of the reference body. The following styli can then be measured in relation to it.

Calibration artifacts provide certainty

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