ZEISS CALIGO Specialist for freeform surfaces


Specialist for freeform surfaces

A large number of measuring points is needed for testing freeform surfaces. The software architecture of ZEISS CALIGO is specially designed for this purpose.


  • Efficient tools for testing freeform surfaces and standard geometries in car body construction
  • Ease of use
  • Powerful software architecture for processing large amounts of data
  • Efficient change management
  • Integrated simulation functions for off-line programming
  • Collision protection through automatic travel paths
  • Path-in / Path-out
  • Includes ZEISS PiWeb reporting

Efficient tools for users in car body construction

By focusing on the measurement of freeform surfaces, ZEISS CALIGO is primarily intended for users in car body construction. They receive a total solution that enables them to measure and evaluate standard geometries in addition to freeform surfaces.

ZEISS CALIGO is easy to use, has a short learning curve, and offers powerful data processing tools and many functions that simplify quality assurance.

Tailor-made for large amounts of data

With its modern, modular system architecture, ZEISS CALIGO is designed to meet future challenges.

Optimal usage of the system resources available enables fast processing and provision of the extensive data generated during the measurement of freeform surfaces.

Simulation of the measurement run
Simulation of the measurement run

Simulation of the measurement run

The simulation functions in ZEISS CALIGO provide you with many ways of analyzing measuring programs off-line. The measuring run is displayed as an animation in the CAD window. Functions such as collision control, travel path track and collision ball will help you to optimize programming and to troubleshoot. Various horizontal arm measuring machines and duplex systems can be completely simulated in ZEISS CALIGO. The ZEISS EagleEye optical sensor has also been taken into consideration. This allows you to set up a run with the ZEISS EagleEye off-line.

Automatic travel paths

ZEISS CALIGO can generate travel paths automatically around a protective cover to prevent collisions with the workpiece and automatically finds the path from feature to feature. Furthermore, the new “Path in / Path out” navigation function is integrated into ZEISS CALIGO.

This enables you to program a safe path into and back out of an interior space. Certain features from an extensive measurement plan or new features can be programmed quickly and measured reliably.

ZEISS PiWeb reporting included

ZEISS PiWeb reporting is included with ZEISS CALIGO on delivery. Use the report templates or generate your own reports or templates.

The option ZEISS PiWeb reporting plus allows you to extend the contained statistics function from 10 to 1,000 measurements. The packages ZEISS PiWeb sbs and ZEISS PiWeb enterprise provide you with a complete system for web-based quality data management.

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