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ZEISS CALYPSO is your universal software for dimensional metrology and measures standard geometries easy, fast and reliably. ZEISS offers you numerous software options for the software for special applications and measuring tasks to expand ZEISS CALYPSO. Would you like to measure curve-related characteristics? Or simply create inspection plans offline? Then use one or more options. You can purchase these in addition to ZEISS CALYPSO to adapt the software to your individual measurement requirements.

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General Options

Discover how you can make ZEISS CALYPSO even more powerful and increase your productivity.



With ZEISS CALYPSO planner, measurement plans can be created offline. This way, your measuring machine is not tied up and ready for other tasks.

With the software option, you have the ability to create complete CNC measurement plans on a workstation remote from the CMM. Your advantage: Measurement plans created with CALYPSO planner can be opened and executed at any time directly on the CMM. The benefit: The CMM is not blocked for programming and can be used for measuring. The overall process throughput is thus retained and your productivity is increased.

ZEISS CALYPSO simulation

ZEISS CALYPSO simulation

ZEISS CALYPSO simulation software option makes it possible to simulate the complete measuring program, including the CMM travel paths. Measurement plans can thus be optimized without CMM connection. The visualization on the CAD window helps users to identify whether the measurement sequence or stylus systems should be altered in order to achieve a better result in less time.

The CAD simulation includes the CMM environment and the workspace on the CMM. Critical situations, such as collisions, can be identified and eliminated up front.



ZEISS CALYPSO freeform is a software option for measuring, inspecting and analyzing workpieces with non-standard 3D geometries and performing surface analysis.

The software option calculates the distance between measurement points and the CAD model. The measurement results can be used to show the differences between the nominal and actual surfaces. ZEISS CALYPSO offers an improved mathematical algorithm for even better performance. The measurement results are now available 20 times faster than before.



ZEISS CALYPSO curve enables measurements and analyses of 2D curves (intersection on one plane), 3D curves (intersection on a cylinder or freeform surface), lift curves, known and unknown contours and symmetry curves. Numerous curve-related characteristics can also be reported, including curve slope, curve stroke, curve distance, curve expansion, curve length, surface area, speed and acceleration.



ZEISS CALYPSO PCM (Parameter-Coded Measurement) significantly decreases the amount of time needed to measure workpieces of the same part family.
The software option is ideal for manufacturers that produce workpieces similar in shape, function, and production process, but only differ by a few dimensions. With CALYPSO PCM there is no need for creating a measurement plan for each individual workpiece in a family anymore. With this, you can save time in the overall programming process for a family of workpieces.



ZEISS CALYPSO roughness is a software option for determining and graphically displaying roughness parameters as a function of selected parameters.
The complete integration of the roughness measurement ensures that you capture all the characteristics of your component in one measurement run – in full compliance with the standards.

Performance Enhancement

We know that there is always the need to speed up production and increase efficiency and productivity. The following options for ZEISS CALYPSO support you in this:


    ZEISS CALYPSO VAST probing enables significantly faster reduction in time for single point measurements with accuracy as well as fast single point detection.

  • ZEISS CALYPSO VAST navigator

    Improved scanning operations of VAST series tactile measurement machines by improving accuracy and significantly reducing the measurement time of circular paths.

  • ZEISS CALYPSO VAST performance

    Simplified programming and increased scanning speeds of noncontinuous paths without loss of accuracy. Furthermore, a faster stylus system exchange during the CNC run is available for official ZEISS adapter plates.

  • ZEISS CALYPSO dynamic planning

    ZEISS CALYPSO dynamic planning is a software option that aligns the needs of production more closely with the quality control. This produces meaningful time savings and increases efficiency. Dynamic planning generates the order of the parts for inspection and adjusts the measurement scope based on rules from MES/CAQ solutions or ZEISS PiWeb software.

  • ZEISS CALYPSO pallet optimizer

    This software option reduces the number of sensor and stylus system changes during a pallet measurement. With CALYPSO pallet optimizer, the measurement sequence of all characteristics of a pallet is optimized for the sensors or stylus systems.


Improve your productivity

  • ZEISS CALYPSO basic automation

    With this software option, ZEISS measuring devices can be easily integrated into partially or fully automated production processes.


    FACS is a job management/SCADA software that coordinates and automates the entire measurement and inspection process — ideal for complex manufacturing processes.

  • ZEISS CALYPSO barcode reader

    This software option removes the need to manually select the inspection plan and enter the protocol parameters of a part to be inspected.


Software options to optimize your reporting

This software option provides an external application of ZEISS PiWeb reporting with many additional functionalities, statistical analysis and enlarged database for optimized report generation.
Measurement results from ZEISS CALYPSO can also be exported in a format that is compatible with Q-DAS or QIF.

CAD interfaces

Use manufacturer-specific CAD files



There are two categories of CAD converters offered with ZEISS CALYPSO. Standard interfaces allow ZEISS CALYPSO to import neutral types of CAD files, such as QIF MBD, STEP or IGES. Direct interfaces enable ZEISS CALYPSO to read manufacturer-specific CAD files. The most important benefits of CAD converters are maximum and their availability to all the functionalities in ZEISS CALYPSO for working with a CAD file.

New functions for improved performance: ZEISS CALYPSO 2024

The new release

ZEISS has been continuously developing ZEISS CALYPSO for more than 25 years while always keeping the challenges of its customers in focus. The software design, production and quality assurance are always up to date with the latest technology. For example, ZEISS CALYPSO 2024 stands out with an improved automatic defect analysis, optimized optical CMM workflows, improved usability and updated ISO/ASME-GPS evaluations.

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