Opening CAD files

With a CAD model, the designer brings a part to life. Instead of a 2D drawing, the part is defined in all dimensions by a 3D model. But CAD models are not only used for the design and production of prototypes or parts, they also support the planning of optimal production processes. ZEISS INSPECT offers an easy way to use these files with its CAD import.

Illustration of CAD Import Basic Formats

CAD import basic formats

ZEISS INSPECT imports neutral formats such as IGES, JT Open and STEP. The individual data formats are imported via drag & drop, automatically recognized and assigned by the software.

More possibilities with a pro license of ZEISS INSPECT

Illustration of CAD

Even more CAD

With a Pro license of ZEISS INSPECT, you can import native formats such as CATIA, NX, Solidworks and Pro/E in addition to the basic CAD formats. This saves you the effort of converting your data and allows you to work even more efficiently.

In concepts such as PLM (product lifecycle management), as much process and part information as possible is captured in the form of PMI (product and manufacturing information) in order to manage and control manufacturing chains holistically and company-wide. ZEISS supports interfaces for the digital transfer of inspection features. Quality features and reference systems that have been implemented in the CAD via semantic design can be digitally transferred and context-sensitively evaluated. Since the inspection plan is created directly during the CAD import, there is no need for additional, complex programming.

Even more ZEISS INSPECT functions

We have clearly summarized the most popular functions of ZEISS INSPECT for you here:
From CAD import to various inspections and reporting. Do you already know them all?