The Parametric Concept In ZEISS INSPECT

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ZEISS INSPECT takes work off your hands

Due to its parametric kernel, ZEISS INSPECT automatically saves each individual inspection step: this makes all work steps traceable, repeatable and editable. There is no need to create a new measuring plan for another part from the series – with the parametric concept you simply load new measuring data into your project. The results are recalculated automatically and immediately.

Illustration of Traceability


With the traceability in ZEISS INSPECT, you will learn how your inspection results have been calculated. This passive parametric computation shows dependencies of the different elements.

For example, you can see which measuring principle is used for your analysis. You can also see which points determine a plane and how accurately these points are constructed.

Illustration of Creating project templates

Creating project templates

With the help of project templates, you can easily transfer an evaluation to other parts. Each individual step is saved in the project template and then applied to the new part. You can also save an inspection as a project template and use the same inspection process again. All evaluation processes are performed without scripting, prior planning or user intervention.

Illustration of Comparing multiple parts

Comparing multiple parts

Trend analyses allow you to compare several parts within one project. Several stages can be used for trend analyses and for statistical process control. In the evaluation, you receive statistical color plots for range and sigma. SPC parameters are also included. In addition, the trend is displayed using tables and diagrams.

Even more ZEISS INSPECT functions

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