ZEISS PiWeb Custom Reporting

Flexible Evaluation Options With ZEISS PiWeb

Easily create customized reports

The standard report templates don’t suit your requirements? With ZEISS PiWeb you have the flexibility to create your own reports. Create measurement tables, integrate images, CAD or ballooned drawings easily.

Manual data entry

With ZEISS PiWeb, you have the full flexibility to digitize manual processes. Perform manual data entry which allows you to create, approve or block measurements. Want to imbed a CAD or ballooned drawings in your reports, create mandatory input fields, generate QR codes or barcodes or upload additional information such as images from a measurement? No problem, we have you covered. There are two ways to use manual data entry: Enter your information directly in PiWeb monitor or connect your manual device with a digital interface to PiWeb to add the values.

Zeiss PiWeb Automare form population
Zeiss PiWeb Automare form population

Automate form population

Measurement results are often used multiple times - from validating the setup on a machining center to preparing it for the customer. With ZEISS PiWeb, you can simply open your required report template for the task such as VDA or AS9012 and then combine data from multiple measurements from any device. Create your own report templates or modify existing ones to fit your process and save time.

ZEISS PiWeb Measurement tables
ZEISS PiWeb Measurement tables

Measurement tables

Create custom measurement tables to fit your application. A simple table centrally displayed in your production can fundamentally support by keeping everyone informed. With automatic updates showing which measurements may need attention, everyone is always on the same page.

It’s not just about the numbers

Show information beyond traditional results: Integrate 3D surface or flush & gap analysis, form plots, section views, images or internal defect analysis from CT scans into reports. With this additional information, a bad result can turn into quick action.

ZEISS PiWeb plot extension API
ZEISS PiWeb plot extension API


Need a plot that does not come with ZEISS PiWeb out of the box? With the plot extension API, various APIs are available for free to customize your solution.

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