Laboratory Routine

Light Microscopic Analysis of Urine

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24 January 2021 · 5 min read
  • Laboratory Routine

Light Microscopic Analysis of Urine

A microscopic examination is part of medical laboratory routine to analyze whether there are abnormalities in the physical or chemical examination of urine. Cells, crystals, and other substances are reported and counted. It can reveal diseases such as diabetes mellitus, various forms of glomerulonephritis, and chronic urinary tract infections.

In this application note, learn about the steps of urinalysis, which microscopy techniques are used for it, and which microscopes are well suited to make transparent elements in the urine clearly visible. Read about:

Key Learnings:

  • Steps of urinanalysis
  • Application examples
  • Conclusion

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  • Light Microscopic Analysis of Urine - Preview
  • Light Microscopic Analysis of Urine - Preview

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