How AI Helps Your Daily Microscopy Routine

21 April 2023 · 52 min watch
  • Laboratory Routine
Dr. Benjamin-Maximilian Schwarz
Author Dr. Benjamin-Maximilian Schwarz Market Sector Manager at ZEISS Microscopy

How AI Helps Your Daily Microscopy Routine

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already helping us with our daily lives, from automated driving and home assistants to securing smartphones with facial recognition. Now, it’s about time to bring AI into your cell lab, too. You will understand what AI is good for, and also its limitations. Finally, you can experience AI for fast and accurate cell counting and cell confluency measurement during a live demonstration with ZEISS Axiovert 5 and the Labscope imaging app.

Key Learnings:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • The increasing role and potential of AI in life sciences
  • How AI and automatic functions ease your daily lab work, make your processes more efficient and your results more reproducible


  • BitesizeBio Webinar: How AI helps your daily microscopy routine

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