Routine Metallography: Illumination Brings Truth

Techniques in Optical Metallography

5 March 2021 · 37 min watch
  • Materials Sciences
  • Metals
  • Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Industrial R&D
Author Andy Holwell Business Sector Manager, Steel and Other Metals ZEISS Microscopy

Routine Metallography: Illumination Brings Truth - Techniques in Optical Metallography

For decades, light microscopy has been a powerful tool for metallurgists and processors to understand metals and alloys through their microstructure. Even in this well-established discipline, progress in digitalization and automation has been swift. The true power of the light microscope has become the image analysis software which unlocks the key data required to understand products and validate processes. Highly configurable solutions require not only a powerful and precise instrument, but also the cameras, objectives, and tailored software modules which create insight into your samples.

This webinar details how software modules elucidate information from grains, phases, inclusions, layers, coatings, surfaces and other features in light micrographs. Through different techniques, instruments and length scales, correlative microscopy is able to connect structural and compositional information to gain full understanding of metallic materials. Workflows and operation designed around industrial requirements become the metallurgist’s biggest ally in quickly and precisely interpreting data and making conclusions and decisions in alloy research and production.

Key Learnings:

  • Understand the capabilities of imaging and analysis software in modern digital metallography
  • Demonstrate light microscopy in applications including inclusions, coatings, layers and topography
  • Introduce the ZEN Connect software platform for connected microscopy of multimodal and multiscale data

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