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Microscopy Apps

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Labscope on iPad or iPhone

With the imaging app Labscope, you transform your ZEISS microscope with integrated HD camera into a WiFi-enabled imaging system. Be it in the laboratory, university, school or even for your hobby - with Labscope you snap images of your microscopic samples, easier than ever.

Labscope is available for your iPad or Windows PC.

Information about Labscope you find here.


Labscope on iPad or iPhone

Use Labscope to:

  • Enjoy live images and view live thumbnails from your connected microscopes, and easily switch between all microscopes in the room
  • Snap images with scale bar and meta data
  • Simply share your best images with anyone, anywhere!
  • On the iPad, you can additionally:
    • Perform image processing, annotation and measurement tasks
    • Record time-lapse or regular videos
    • Save images and videos to any shared network folder

ZEISS How-to: Draw Microscopic Images with ZEISS Labscope

Pestalozzi’s principle of ‘head’, ‘heart’ and ‘hands’ guides the drawing of biological or medical samples until today. It enhances your students' capacity for abstraction and imagination through a conceptual transfer of a microscopic image into a drawing. Now you can use wireless technology to engage your students in microscopy: ZEISS Labscope lets you follow their curriculum while introducing exciting microscopic techniques that will invigorate traditional drawing exercises.

ZEISS How-to: Use the Pointer in ZEISS Labscope

Would you like to share microscopic images of your biological or medical samples with all your students? … use a projector to grab their attention and point them toward tiny structures and interesting details? Now you can do all that, using the pointer function in ZEISS Labscope to enliven traditional teaching with exciting techniques for classroom experiments and demonstrations.

AppStore - Labscope

Download Labscope 3.0 for iPad!

For materials applications
Labscope 2.9 is still available.

go to Labscope Installation file

go to Labscope Installation file

For materials applications
Labscope 2.9 is still available.

Light Lab

Light Lab for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is your fully interactive spectra configuration tool for fluorescence microscopy.

Use Light Lab to:

  • Check the spectral properties of over 500 fluorophores
  • See virtual previews of your imaging experiments 
  • Document your experiments and save your microscope configuration 
  • Get in contact with us the easy way
Download Light Lab now for free!

Download Light Lab now for free!

ZEN Browser

ZEN browser on iPad

ZEN browser lets you build up your virtual slides database. Access your virtual microscopy data wherever you are.

Use ZEN browser to:

  • Exchange virtual microscopy data from any location
  • Organize your virtual microscopy data pool in local study groups 
  • Share findings and virtual slides with peers at any time and any place 
  • Make your virtual microscopy images accessible to a wider audience 

ZEN browser can be accessed from virtually any device thanks to its HTML5 architecture: Try out our demo server!

Download ZEN browser now for free!

Download ZEN browser now for free!

ZEN Remote

ZEN remote on iPad

With ZEN remote you control your long-term imaging experiments, no matter where you are.

Use ZEN remote to:

  • Stream a live image of your microscope onto your mobile device 
  • Monitor your imaging experiment and adjust parameters on-the-fly 
  • Take snapshots and share them with your colleagues 
  • Choose the right moment to start or stop your experiment
  • Control your motorized microscope stage by tilting your mobile device 
  • Define remote user accounts and manage multiple workstations


ZEN remote connects to confocal laser scanning microscopes by ZEISS, e.g. LSM 880, LSM 710, LSM780, or LSM 700, that are running ZEN 2 or ZEN 2012 SP1 with Hotfix 5 and Remote Patch.

Download ZEN remote now for free!

Download ZEN remote now for free!


ZEISS Labscope

Your Imaging App for Connected Microscopy

Pages: 10
Filesize: 1,447 kB

White Paper: ZEISS Labscope

Create Your Own Digital Classroom

Pages: 6
Filesize: 1,140 kB

ZEISS Matscope

The Imaging App for Materials Applications

Pages: 2
Filesize: 4,447 kB

ZEISS Labscope for Digital Classrooms

Create your digital classroom with connected microscopes.

Pages: 4
Filesize: 862 kB

Microscope and Measurement Systems for Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Capture the essentials of your component. Quickly. Simply. Comprehensively.

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