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When It Comes to UV Protection Consumers Usually Don’t Think of Clear Lenses

for their sunglasses but aren’t aware that clear lenses can – and should – also protect their eyes.

15 June 2018

Be it in the summer, on vacation, at the beach or on the slopes, a good pair of sunglasses will protect our eyes against glare and ultraviolet radiation. A recent study by ZEISS shows that UV protection in general is very important to consumers – for instance by applying sun cream and wearing suitable clothing. 95% of those surveyed went on to say that UV protection is particularly important when it comes to their eyes.

Aalen, Germany | 15 June 2018 | ZEISS Vision Care

Most people think about sunglasses when they think of UV protection. 80% of respondents didn’t know that wearing clear lenses can also protect their eyes against harmful UV rays. At the same time, the majority (97%) believe it is an advantage that clear lenses can protect the eyes just as well as sunglasses do.
UV protection is provided by clear lenses, too.


Infographic: When it comes to UV protection consumers usually don’t think of clear lenses

Infographic: When it comes to UV protection consumers usually don’t think of clear lenses

UV protection is provided by clear lenses, too

Since early 2018, all clear plastic lenses from ZEISS have featured UVProtect1 technology, which ensures that clear, everyday lenses can protect our eyes against UV radiation just as well as a pair of top-quality sunglasses. These lenses cover a wavelength of up to 400 nm, which corresponds to the definition of UV radiation by the strict Australian standard.

After three weeks of wearing ZEISS lenses with UVProtect, 97% of respondents said they would recommend the new technology to their friends and family. What’s new about this innovation? ZEISS has achieved full UV protection for all clear plastic lenses without noticeably compromising transparency. 97% of the surveyed eyeglass wearers are satisfied with the clarity afforded by ZEISS UVProtect lenses.

Something simple for health.

It is common knowledge that UV radiation can damage the eyes and the skin around them in the long run. Comprehensive protection against high-energy radiation is a key concern: 95% of respondents prefer clear lenses that fully protect against UV radiation. What’s the benefit? They protect our eyes without us having to think about it. A balanced diet and plenty of exercise are important for staying healthy but they require preparation, and that takes time. ZEISS UVProtect, however, helps improve our eye health.

This is particularly important as we need to protect our eyes against UV radiation when we’re not wearing sunglasses, for instance in the shade or on cloudy days. After all, during the day UV radiation can be found wherever there is natural, visible light, so it’s an unavoidable risk2.

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    UVProtect is a registered trademark of Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH.

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    The survey: Between November 2017 and May 2018 ZEISS conducted a survey among eyeglass wearers who purchased ZEISS UVProtect lenses. They were asked to complete a questionnaire at the ECP’s, and again online after wearing the lenses with ZEISS UVProtect technology for three weeks. The respondents came from the US (anamnesis n = 56, final feedback n = 50), China (anamnesis and final feedback n = 100) and the DACH region (anamnesis n = 178, final feedback n = 139). The questionnaire was on UV protection and satisfaction with their lenses. 334 persons completed the anamneses questionnaire and 289 people gave their feedback after wearing the lenses for three weeks.