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9 April 2018
  • First, ZEISS VISUFIT1 1000 is a system for digital 3D centration data determination and consultation. Second, it is a platform that further digitalizes the entire centration and frame selection process, because in the future the detailed measurement data can be used for virtual try-on and individualized frames.

    ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 comprises the measurement system and the accompanying software for performing centration. The software is also a platform that will accommodate the future digital modules. ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 can be used for all frames.

  • The eye care professional positions the consumer, who is wearing the selected frame, in front of ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 at a distance of 30 - 35 cm. The measurement is performed without an additional calibration clip. A 180-degree view of the consumer's face is captured with a single shot using nine cameras. The measurement data are processed using 45 million points, and the centration data are then exported to ZEISS VISUCONSULT 500, meaning ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 is completely integrated into the existing ZEISS applications for eye care professionals.

    Vergence is controlled with a fixation target for comfortable vision, guaranteeing that precise centration is also possible at a short distance between the consumer and the centration system.

  • Today the greatest benefit (not only for the eye care professional, but also for their costumers) is that measuring centration data is convenient, extremely precise and the entire process based on 3D coordinates can be reliably performed with only a single shot using nine cameras. The consumer, in turn, is impressed by this professional, cutting-edge approach to centration.

    Using digital 3D facial reconstruction, the eye care professional has the benefit of performing a precise centration process they are already familiar with – even when the consumer wears frames featuring very thick temples, since these can be edited out digitally. With ZEISS VISUFIT 1000, the eye care professional also has a system that will support future digital developments in optics related to customized frames and trying on glasses virtually. This platform even offers more than just centration data determination, because the level of detail from the measurement makes additional digital functions possible.

  • Capturing the measurement data quickly and digitally is also advantageous for consumers, who are impressed by the professional results. Moreover, after they have tried on the different frames, consumers can examine and compare these digitally and from all sides. This approach is particularly beneficial for extremely ametropic consumers, who otherwise have problems seeing themselves with their new frames when looking in the mirror. ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 provides consumers with new, detailed information that can simplify their purchasing decision.

  • ZEISS Virtual Try-On, or VTO for short, stands for virtual frame fitting in specialist optical stores. ZEISS Virtual Try-on @Home makes the virtual fitting of frames while out and about or at home possible.

    1. In the specialist store, an avatar – in other words a digital twin – of the wearer is created with the help of the nine cameras in ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 Platform [LINK]. The initial measurement and capturing of the centration data are done by the optician within the system. After that the centration will work virtually using the avatar.
    2. Using this avatar, thousands of frames from the digital catalog can be tried on virtually on site and compared with each other. In addition, all ZEISS lens variants can be displayed in the frames (VTO).
    3. Given that the consumer would like to use ZEISS Virtual Try-on @Home the avatar and the favorite frames are uploaded to a ZEISS cloud in encrypted and secure form.
    4. Using their ZEISS ID account, consumers can later log into the web app ZEISS Virtual Try-on @Home from any location and access their own avatar, including the favorite frames they have already selected, as well as to the store’s entire catalog of frames.
    5. Once the decision for a frame has been made, the optician gets a notification.
    6. The optician can center the new glasses in their shop thanks to the dimensionally accurate avatar and the stored refraction values. They can then order the final glasses via ZEISS without having the consumer at the store again.

    The new glasses can be picked up at the opticians store, where they are adjusted to the wearer’s anatomy for a snug fit.

  • A ZEISS developed scanning process for photorealistic, digital 3D models of real eyeglass frames: The unique scanner does this by creating a large number of high-resolution measurements of a frame. This measurement data is merged into a largely photorealistic 3D model using software which was also developed in-house. Graphic designers then carry out quality control and make sure that the 3D models have a detailed, photorealistic appearance. Finally, ZEISS makes the frames digitally available to partner opticians.

  • In cooperation with the frame manufacturer YOU MAWO, ZEISS offers a new feature for ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 from summer 2024, which enables the configuration of customized eyeglass frames. Using a basis model from YOU MAWO the frame can be customized virtually to the face of the eyeglass wearer with various parameters such as frame size, bridge width, pantoscopic angle, color and temple length. The lens selection, frame configuration, and centering are all seamlessly merged into one continuous digital workflow.

    • 45 million points for highest precision
    • Complete data capture with just one shot
    • The pupil, cornea and the frame are captured automatically
    • 180-degree view of the consumer's face
    • Measurement without a calibration clip
    • Minimum and maximum eye height: 1.1 to 1.95 meters
    • Distance: 30 - 35 cm

Status: January 2024

Portrait Julia Baier
Press contact Julia Baier International PR: Instruments, Tools and Digitalization

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