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The Future of Ophthalmic Optics: Virtual Frame Selection with Digital Twin

New “Virtual Fitting” module for the ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 platform turns on-screen frame selection into an experience

22 September 2020

Aalen, Germany | 22 September 2020 | ZEISS Vision Care

ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 is more than just a device for 3D centering data acquisition. In addition to the centering algorithm, the platform also runs the software for generating a three-dimensional avatar of the eyewear buyer, where users can not only try on frames but also the lenses themselves virtually. The ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 platform will be continuously expanded with additional modules that will enable opticians to further digitalize and expand their business and customer service so they are fit for the future.

The digital, three-dimensional avatar of the consumer forms the basis for this: a digital “twin” created using nine cameras and 45 million data-precise pixels. This is currently being used for the digital, high-precision centering of the lenses in the eyewear frame as well as for frame and lens consultation in specialist opticians’ stores. Different versions that the optician may have available on site can also be compared with each other using photographs. This is a huge advantage especially for people with severely defective vision.
The latest “Virtual Fitting” module now available illustrates what is going to be viable in the future. It opens up new opportunities for opticians who rely on omnichannel marketing – for example the possibility for consumers to use their opticians’ services at home in future.

Virtual Fitting – more choice, less need for stock, modern shopping experience

Virtual Fitting makes it possible to try on frames – to begin with, at the optician’s premises – even though they are not physically available in the store. The selection is made digitally on your own avatar. This instantly expands the portfolio in specialist optical stores to include numerous colors and models, providing a wider selection for demonstration purposes while at the same time reducing stock levels. To this end, ZEISS is currently working with selected frame manufacturers from its own core markets, whose frames will be included in the program.

Opticians can order frames and lenses directly from ZEISS VISUSTORE in more and more markets, making the ordering process much easier. In addition, the digital centering function means the digital version used on the avatar during the ordering process is as precise as if a version had been physically available in the specialist shop.

What is particularly interesting is that ZEISS has integrated an algorithm that helps with frame consultation. The application automatically generates suggestions for frames that are compatible with head size, face shape, complexion, pupil distance and hair color. This functionality further enhances the shopping experience for consumers. The optician can help them select frames that they might not even have considered before. In this age of online shopping, consumers will feel very comfortable with the wide choice, interactivity and personalized advice.

Virtual Try-On: A ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 module that enables consumers to try out frames which are not physically available on the premises.

In summary, these are the four most compelling of the reasons why the ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 platform and Virtual Fitting are beneficial for the optical industry:

  1. Changed customer behavior: Consumers today generally expect more choice with web browsing, online shopping, etc. To remain competitive and to meet increasing customer demands for frame selection, it is important for opticians to offer access to a wider selection and to adopt buying habits from the digital world.
  2. A new shopping experience for consumers: A detailed, three-dimensional avatar and a frame scanned in with high-precision ZEISS instruments, which is then painstakingly graphically edited, testify to professionalism and quality. Consumers will always prefer the high-quality visual display to a low-resolution webcam shot. Because one thing is clear: Virtual Fitting lacks the touch and feel experience, so the quality of the “digital” version must be flawless.
  3. Staying on the ball: Virtual Fitting is another step on the omnichannel marketing journey for opticians. In future, additional modules will make it possible for consumers to access their avatar from home and try out the frames from their favorite optician’s virtual catalog.
  4. Individuality: What exactly suits me? Or how can I stand out from the crowd? Consumers today demand individualized products. Virtual Fitting, frame recommendation by an intelligent algorithm and personalized consultation by the optician can help to achieve exactly that.

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      Virtual Try-On: A ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 module that enables consumers to try out frames which are not physically available on the premises.

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