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Social Engagement to Ensure Good Vision and Eye Health

1 April 2021

Aalen, Germany | 01. April 2021 | ZEISS Vision Care

The latest Vision Atlas from the International Agency for Prevention of Blindness reports alarming statistics: Two to three billion people worldwide do not have access to eye care services. And the need for eye care is set to surge in the coming years. That is why ZEISS is working together with various partners to ensure that the world’s most deprived regions can also benefit from eyeglasses or eye care services. Here are some examples of current projects.

India: Lifeline Express – The world's first hospital train

For several years, the Jeevan Rekha Express or Lifeline Express is the world's first hospital train covering the country's remote areas, providing free treatment to people in need. With its Aloka Vision Programme, ZEISS regularly participates and provides vision screening and eyeglasses. In October 2020, for example, 3,870 patients in Tripura underwent eye exams, and more than 1,000 pairs of glasses were made and dispensed. In addition to this, eye doctors also provide other services on the train, e.g. cataract surgery.

The Lifeline Express has been the world's first hospital train covering the remote areas of india, providing free treatment to people in need. ZEISS regularly participates with its Aloka Vision Programme and provides eye care services and eyeglasses.

Nepal: Good vision for children

Good vision is essential for a child's educational, physical, and social development. It positively impacts their entire life. The "Drishti Eye Care System” and ZEISS are committed to providing vision tests, eye care, and glasses where needed. Drishti Eye Care is one of Nepal's leading eye hospitals dedicated to diagnosing and treating non-refractive visual impairments in children. ZEISS' contribution includes equipment for vision screening and helping the supply chain with customized eyewear. Together, ZEISS and Drishti Eye Care provide comprehensive eye care services for school classes. The goal for 2021: to provide eye care to at least 10,000 children.

ZEISS and Drishti - one of Nepal's leading eye clinics - jointly provide holistic eye care for school classes. The goal for 2021: to provide eye care to at least 10,000 children in Nepal.

Karnataka: Vision screening for underprivileged kids

The goals for the project in Nepal reflect experiences from around the world. In Karnataka, southern India, the Lions Club and ZEISS have been working together for years to organize "eye camps" for underprivileged children. This project shows how different strengths complement each other: The Lions Club maintains close relationships with public schools. The Aloka team knows how to effectively screen hundreds of pupils and provide quality eye care to all those in need. A perfect fit. The program was developed in partnership with the Optometry Council of India and Optometry Colleges' support, ensuring crucial quality and ethical standards are maintained – a must especially when treating children. In 2020, the program catered for 25,000 children but the face-to-face activities had to stop due to the pandemic. The program will resume in April 2021, with the necessary protective measures.

The Lions Club and ZEISS jointly organize "Eye Camps" to provide eye care and vision tests for underprivileged children in India's remote areas.

Cataract Referral Program in Rajasthan: A total of 510 patients have participated since January 2021 - that's 510 people spared blindness.

Rajasthan: Preventing blindness

Each "Eye Camp" examines patients for cataracts whose vision can no longer be corrected with prescription glasses. Surgical treatment of cataracts is one of the most common operations worldwide. Wherever possible, the Aloka Vision Program from ZEISS works together with eye clinics and doctors to provide treatment for cataract patients.

About the Aloka Vision Program

Since 2015, ZEISS has been providing vision care in areas otherwise deprived of such care, predominantly in rural India. As a social venture, Aloka works with non-governmental organizations, medical institutions and colleges, and universities to provide quality eye care for refractive and non-refractive vision disorders. Aloka eyeglasses are custom-made with standard lenses and delivered to patients by its partners at an affordable price. For certain groups, such as children with special needs, ZEISS, Miracle of Sight e.V. (non-profit) or local foundations cover the treatment costs. Since September 2020 – after the end of the first worldwide lockdown – 62,800 patients have received treatment thanks to the Aloka program.

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    • Aloka Vision Programme

      oday, more than two billion people have limited or no access to eye care. Poor vision often means children have to leave school, thus jeopardizing their quality of life, educational and career opportunities.

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    • Aloka Vision Programme

      he Lions Club and ZEISS jointly organize "Eye Camps" to provide eye care and vision tests for underprivileged children in India's remote areas., Our photos may be used free of charge for editorial, scientific, or personal purposes.

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    • Press Release

      Social Engagement to Ensure Good Vision and Eye Health

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