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17 July 2023
  • ZEISS VISUCORE 500 is a highly precise, automated, combined and thus space-saving objective-subjective refraction unit.

    Thanks to smart control modes and user-friendly operation, the system makes refraction faster and easier and it can be operated by all employees – regardless of their level of training and experience.

  • The ZEISS VISUCORE 500 unit occupies an area of only eight square feet, respectively 0.8 square meters.

  • ZEISS VISUCORE 500 consists of ZEISS VISUSCREEN 100 Compact and ZEISS VISUCORE 500 Refractor. An ergonomic table is also an integral part of the entire system.

    The ZEISS VISUSCREEN 100 Compact vision testing unit contains various digital optotype charts (to test visual acuity and binocular vision). A distance of five meters is simulated in a distance of a mere one meter.

    The ZEISS VISUCORE 500 Refractor combines a binocular wavefront autorefractor, which enables ZEISS i.Scription, a keratometer for central corneal values and a digital phoropter with ZEISS-developed workflows (as well as red-green separation for binocular vision tests). Thanks to the integrated dual cross-cylinder lenses, both helical positions can be seen simultaneously during cylinder determination. This makes comparability easier for consumers as they do not have to remember any visual impression.

    A digital vision chart for testing near vision is also integrated – with a setting functionality for the appropriate distance of 25 to 70 cm placed directly on the device.

    ZEISS VISUCORE 500 operation is seamlessly integrated into the ZEISS VISUCONSULT 500 app.

  • The mirrors built into ZEISS VISUSCREEN 100 Compact and a special lens make it possible to simulate the optically necessary distance of five meters.

  • Three modes are available – with 1 and 2 being familiar to most eye care professionals from previous ZEISS refraction applications:

    1. Workflow Mode: This comes with a predefined set of workflows and individual refraction modes can be saved here. Settings on the instrument are made automatically – depending on your selection of a test you previously saved.
    2. Freestyle Mode: This professional mode is used in special situations. All available charts can be selected individually. Any element of the phoropter can be steered individually.
    3. The new Guided Mode: This enables objective and subjective refraction to be done even by relatively inexperienced personnel. The software guides the user in detail through the entire process; provides specific instructions on how to interact with the person undergoing testing; and indicates questions that need to be asked; as well as the corresponding answers and the action to be taken as a result of the answers.
  • ZEISS VISUCORE 500 is available on the US market since spring 2023. Availability will be gradually extended to other markets in the near future.

Status: July 2023

VISUSTORE, VISUSCREEN, VISUCONSULT and VISUCORE are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Carl Zeiss AG or any other companies of the ZEISS Group in Germany and other countries.

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