Social Engagement

In collaboration with various partners, ZEISS organizes and funds initiatives that provide vision screening and eye care to underprivileged children and adults in need, bringing eye care services to places where they are not available. In doing so, ZEISS supports global initiatives such as the Christoffel Mission for the Blind, Helen Keller International and Optometry Giving Sight or the Free Lunch Fund in China and is also directly involved on-site. For example, with the Aloka Vision Programme.

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1,000,000 Patients in the Aloka Vision Programme

Quality Eye and Vision Care For Underserved Regions and Populations in India


15 May 2023

Social Engagement to Ensure Good Vision and Eye Health

Examples of current projects

Press Release

1 Apr 2021

ZEISS India supports “Vision for a Cause”

Together with Round Table India and Optometry Council of India the Aloka Vision Programme of ZEISS brings vision care to underprivileged school children in Tamil Nadu

Press Release about Social Program

7 Mar 2018

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