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Full UV protection up to 400 nm with ZEISS UVProtect

This press kit is a bundled source of information for journalists, bloggers and other multipliers about ultraviolet radiation and ZEISS UVProtect:

UV radiation is a risk for the eyes. Since early 2018, all clear ZEISS plastic eyeglass lenses have come standard with ZEISS UVProtect technology. Just like a good pair of sunglasses, it delivers protection against UV radiation up to 400 nm. That’s because UV rays are all around us, they’re even reflected and scattered in the shade. We need to raise awareness about eye health and UV radiation: one study by ZEISS shows that many consumers don’t know that clear lenses can also provide full protection. After all, dermatologists claim that UV radiation can also damage the skin, particularly the face. ZEISS lenses also help protect the sensitive tissue around the eyes.

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  • UV radiation and the human eye

    Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) can cause damage on and in the eye as well as on the eyelids.

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  • ZEISS UVProtect

    ZEISS lenses offer full UV protection up to 400 nm with ZEISS UVProtect.

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  • ZEISS UVProtect

    Infographic Relevance of UV Protection

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  • ZEISS UVProtect

    Infographic ZEISS UVProtect Technology

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