An illustration of a mature man pushing buttons that become blurrier the closer they are to him.

You’re over 50 and things look blurry up close?

Let’s help you focus with ease.

Our picks for you.

  • A point of view image with ZEISS Progressive SmartLife lenses with a smartphone and cups in the background while the lens is fully clear with slim blurry plots left and right.

    ZEISS SmartLife

    Progressive lenses

    Our best all-day lenses for mature eyes. Designed for clarity near, far and in-between, so you can say goodbye to your store-bought readers. They’re packed with technology to tackle the issues often associated with varifocal glasses.   

    Designed for

    • Smooth vision in all distances and directions
    • Your age-related visual behaviour
    • A connected, on-the-move lifestyle
    • Quick adaptation to new glasses
    • All-day visual comfort
    • Bespoke optics
  • A point of view image of a driver with ZEISS Progressive DriveSafe lenses with clear vision on the street and dashboard and blurry plots on the left and right.

    ZEISS DriveSafe

    Progressive lenses

    An all-day varifocal option for those who spend a lot of time on the road. They‘re optimised to switch between the dashboard, road and mirrors with ease. A special coating helps to reduce perceived glare at night.   

    Designed for

    • Relaxed vision while driving
    • Sharp vision at all distances
    • All-day wear
    • Customised optics
  • A point of view image with ZEISS Single Vision SmartLife lenses with a smartphone and book and the lens being fully clear.

    ZEISS SmartLife

    Single vision lenses

    For reading glasses customised to your specific needs and the reading distance on your smartphone, this is a great choice. Wear them only when you need them. Enjoy excellent visual comfort up close.

    Designed for

    • Near vision correction (plus lenses)
    • Comfortable vision – on and offline
    • Your unique lifestyle and visual needs
    • Bespoke optics
  •  A point of view image with ZEISS Single Vision ClearView lenses with a book and the lens being clear, besides of the very outside of the lens.

    ZEISS ClearView

    Single vision lenses

    A great-value option for reading glasses – wear them only when you need them. They’re very thin and light, and offer excellent clarity compared to commonly sold standard single vision stock lenses.

    Designed for

    • Near vision correction (plus lenses)​
    • Limited customisation
  • A point of view image with ZEISS Office lenses with a computer screen in the center of the lens and and slim blurry plots left and right.

    ZEISS Office

    Special multifocal lenses

    These workplace glasses make for a great second pair. With optics tailored to specific distances, these lenses can be a real game-changer for those who seek relaxed vision and a natural head and body posture on the job.

    Designed for

    • Specific tasks at specific distances
    • Healthy posture and ergonomics
    • Improved comfort for sustained visual tasks such as computer work
    • Special purpose

Nobody sees like YOU.

Your eyes and options – explained.

Most people over 50 start struggling to read and see up close – you’re not alone. But eyes can be complex. Also, people have different needs – from lifestyle to budget, from eye health to aesthetics. Our philosophy isn’t “one-size-fits-all”, but we do believe that ZEISS-fits-all.

Readers are a good choice if you’re only having difficulty seeing up close, but they also come with some challenges: They‘re not always at hand when you need them, and off-the-shelf solutions aren’t made for YOUR eyes. That‘s why we often recommend progressive lenses – for worry-free vision all day long.

We’re happy to help you make an informed decision. Ultimately, we recommend consulting an eye care professional to confirm which ZEISS solution is right for YOU.

What makes ZEISS glasses unique?

Optics, protection, aesthetics and more.