Full UV protection in all ZEISS lenses

ZEISS lenses offer full UV protection up to 400 nm with ZEISS UVProtect.

UV radiation damages and can accelerate aging of the eye, cloud the lens as well as cause a 'sunburn' on the cornea or lead to cancer on the eyelids. That is why UV protection is so important. ZEISS went one step further: From now on even all clear organic ZEISS lenses offer full UV protection up to 400 nm with ZEISS UVProtect.

This digital press folder is a bundled source of information about ultraviolet radiation and ZEISS UVProtect for journalists, bloggers and other interested parties.

Overview - Press Kit ZEISS UVProtect

UV Rays and Healthy Eyes

UV radiation comes with its own set of risks. But what does the sun’s high-energy radiation have to do with our eye health?

Watch blogger and health-conscious adventurer Friederike Franze, or Freedi for short, as she embarks on a journey through Tenerife’s impressive landscape – and finds out where the sun is at its strongest. She meets Hanna Strecker, a physicist at the Kiepenheuer Institute for Solar Physics, and an employee working on Europe’s largest solar telescope GREGOR at the Teide Observatory, as well as Dr. Katharina Rifai, neuroscientist and physicist at the ZEISS Vision Science Lab at the University of Tübingen. As she explores, Freedi finds out what UV radiation is, where it occurs and how she can protect herself and especially her eyes from it, even with clear glasses. Prof. Dr. Albert Augustin also explains how UV radiation can affect our eye health.(IAC)

You can use the video for online or offline communication. However, if you are interested in the movie or in high quality TV footage we can share it with you. Please get in touch with maria .conrad @zeiss .com

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