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Dresden and its surroundings are a thriving ecosystem for research, technology, and innovation: Silicon Saxony is a semiconductor center with its innovative automobile manufacturing and a world-renowned network of academic institutions from TU Dresden to a range of institutes such as Max Planck and Fraunhofer: For this reason, the ZEISS Inno Hub is prioritizing research into organoids within the context of engineering biology.

The research field

Research field Engineering Biology InnoHub Dresden

Engineering biology

The team in Dresden is researching genetic engineering to combat hereditary diseases, 3D-printed tissues as a substitute for donor transplants, programmable stem cells that transform into complex 3D tissues, and living sensors. The aim is to gain understanding and control over biology as well as its implications for the future of healthcare.

The hub is currently focusing on organoids for pharmaceutical research and personalized, regenerative medicine.

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ZEISS Innovation Hub Dresden
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ZEISS Innovation Hub Dresden


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