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Research & Development at ZEISS

Research and development at ZEISS plays a key role in shaping the progress of todays markets and industries and in creating exceptional solutions for customers. About 10 percent of ZEISS’ revenue is invested in R&D each year. In a spacious modern setting full of opportunities for further development, ZEISS employees work in a place where expert knowledge and spirit reign supreme. All of this is supported by a special ownership structure and the long-term goal of the Carl Zeiss Foundation: to bring science and society into the future. ZEISS offers its employees opportunities to actively shape the future and cross the frontiers of physics and technology together and thus leave their mark on the company.

We make amazing things happen!
Learning never stops!
Overcome your fears of losing sight
Enabling Doctors to Improve People’s Lives

Work at ZEISS and leave your mark in this world. With us, you can push technological boundaries, shape markets and contribute to the advancement of society.

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology
  • Industrial Quality & Research
  • Medical Technology
  • Consumer Markets
  • Dublin, CA
  • Maple Grove, MN
  • White Plains, NY
  • and many more

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Debra Rybolt

Head of Recruiting | North America Dublin, CA

Tina Eilerman

Tina Eilerman

Corporate Recruiter | Dublin CA Sales & Service

JoAnne Mittelman

Jo Anne Mittelman

Corporate Recruiter | Dublin, CA R&D, Operations & Regulatory/Quality

Maria Khalil

Recruiter | Dublin, CA Operations & Production

Erik Velgersdyk

Erik Velgersdyk

Recruiting Manager | Maple Grove, MN Industrial Quality Solutions

Brady Glentz

Corporate Recruiter | Maple Gove, MN Sales & Service

Jaime Cunningham

Jaime Cunningham

Recruiter | Hebron, KY Operations & Distribution

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