Niranchana Manivannan
Niranchana Manivannan

ZEISS is one of the leaders in the medical industry

As a Sr. Staff Scientist, Niranchana believes that everybody matters. If she could make a difference in people’s lives then she would be doing something amazing, not only developing tools that the physicians can use but she would also have an impact on people’s lives, more importantly, she would be part of a breakthrough for the blind to see.

As a member of clinical research and analytics team Niranchana mainly works in image processing and artificial intelligence supporting Meditec products.

"Putting my heart into what I love to do, not only allows me to do what I am passionate about, but it also makes the physicians work easier."

Niranchana believes that developing innovative products will be the breakthrough for preventing blindness. It is what will change the lives of the people we love.

According to WHO, (reference publication) polls show that 80% of blindness is preventable if it is diagnosed and treated on time. That is a high statistic!

What I love about working at ZEISS is that our products become magical to physicians and patients. The technology is untouchable here because ZEISS hires the best people who make amazing things happen and that means there is always room for growth and promotions! Within a short time, I went from Staff Scientist to Senior Staff Scientist and had the opportunity to lead a team for our CLARUS product line. We are creating innovative breakthroughs in the world of medical technology all the time!

Niranchana Manivannan

"ZEISS is one of the leaders in the medical industry."

If you really want to grow at ZEISS, all you have to do is give it your best efforts to every challenge that comes your way. The doors to opportunity are amazing at ZEISS because we are always developing new methods and ideas to make our product user friendly. Not only am I giving back but I am learning and growing as well!

There is a place here for those that value passion and are original thinkers. I have Co-workers that have been here for many years. They lead us in new technology discoveries in the retinal imaging and image processing. ZEISS is where technology helps us see the world through different eyes. “THIS IS THE MOMENT WE WORK FOR”

Niranchana Manivannan

"What if you could make a difference in the lives of others, would you? Could you imagine the beauty of transforming technology and making an impact in the world?"

Niranchana Manivannan

Senior Staff Scientist

"Innovation is a way of life at ZEISS. You might even say it is in the company’s genes, and we have each other to share it with!"

ZEISS fosters a culture of innovation and team work. We know that Innovation products can only be developed and produced by highly qualified and motivated staff. I love it here so much because there is always something new to learn and something to share. I love the work environment because I get to work with brilliant people who are the best at what they do and who have the passion and courage to make a change!

As an algorithm team member, I work very close with in-house clinical experts and our wide network of KOLs, Software, Systems and Marketing team who develop solutions for our customers. ZEISS works closely with its partners. From Industry and Science as well as Research and Development in all areas of the business all over the world.

The ZEISS teams are a mixture of core technical experts in many segments. We have clinical experts onsite which makes it convenient when we need help on the spot.

It is important for me to have people around me to help me grow and who are kind and professional. This was my first impression when I came in to interview and has stayed with me since the day I started. I am proud to work for a company who values science and passion for excellence, that bring value to our customers and at the same time inspire the world in new ways!

The ZEISS goal is to always be above average in everything we do, and 170 years in business proves it!

Because ZEISS is an international company, we have unique opportunities. While I was visiting India, CARIN (ZEISS’s India team) invited me to spend a week with their team and learn about the projects they were working on. We bonded, and now are working together on a long-term project.


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