Manufacturing Solutions

Sustainable software engineering for Industry 4.0

With the broad expertise in measuring technology, production control and automation, we jointly design individual software on your behalf. The resulting Industry 4.0 solutions deliver higher output, ensure less rework and improved quality.


Added value identification

Promoting innovation

In-depth domain knowledge for reliable IIoT software

The semiconductor and automotive industries can learn from each other in terms of automation and digitalization. Our specialization in these industries exploits the resulting synergy potential and know-how to optimize process chains and increase efficiency in manufacturing.

Focus Semiconductor

Software engineering with automation know-how

Our broad know-how is based on a wide variety of interaction points with the semiconductor industry. As a result, we bring an in-depth level of understanding of the automated processes in cleanrooms and the installed equipment to solution development. We take into account and optimize the existing infrastructures and environment architectures. In this way, our individual software solutions connect entire production chains, eliminate ineffective isolated solutions and anchor the possibility for cross-site platform architectures. 


Platform expertise with measurement technology experience

With platform and automation know-how, we build IIoT solutions for the vehicle industry. We tailor usability and functionality to the position of the worker. Continuous process improvement is ensured by sustainable integration of state-of-the-art approaches – e.g. digital twins – into the solution.  

Focus Automotive

Accelerator for complex challenges

As an external partner, we pervade your processes and find software optimization levers quickly and purposefully.

Identification of added values

We analyze your process flows together. Through individually customized software elements, we create novel and collaborative added value for you and your users.

Acceleration of your innovation processes

We observe the market, analyze trends and provide insights. With our impulses we drive innovations – for your projects, in your teams and for your processes.

Software expertise for market-leading production solutions

We develop individual software – for complex production lines and also the individual worker, to whom we tailor functionality and usability. We constantly keep an eye on networking across production sites.

Connected Worker

Proactive error prevention through software support – in real time, for employees

Increasing yields, output quality and reducing rework can only be achieved through a new generation of front-end applications. This provides the Connected Worker with the right information in real time, enabling them to respond and intervene immediately in-line.

Connected Worker
Process Control
Process Control

Production control solutions for new design and networking possibilities

We modernize production control solutions and reduce technical debt. More modern software architectures are replacing old frameworks, and new interfaces are being established. Service-oriented production control solutions are in demand.

Production platform
Production platform

Cloud-based production platforms for innovation and end-to-end process improvements

To optimize data availability, increase independence from individual production sites and the associated flexibility of the entire production chain, and strengthen digital support on the production line, we build cloud-based, customized production platforms. In this way, we sustainably network value chains and increase the reusability of solutions for all plants.

Jan König - Key Account Manager, ZEISS Digital Innovation

Are you looking for an experienced partner to get your semiconductor projects off the ground? We will be happy to help.

Jan König
Key Account Manager Semiconductor
jan .koenig @zeiss .com

Are you looking for an experienced partner to get your automotive projects off the ground? We will be happy to help.

Kai Linsenmaier 
Key Account Manager Automotive
kai .linsenmaier @zeiss .com

Kai Linsenmaier - Key Account Manager, ZEISS Digital Innovation


Conntected Worker
Mirror Routing Assistant (MiRA)
Process Control
PiWeb Inline Correlation Module

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