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Innovative Software Development for Healthcare Companies

We develop tailored software solutions on your behalf that will enable you to make a difference. Benefit from the combination of our expertise in software development and our specialization in the healthcare sector.

Ecosystem expertise

Domain expertise

Software expertise

User Centered Design

Agile approach

Wide reference base

Our expertise in the healthcare sector for your innovative strength

We develop digital solutions for companies in the healthcare sector, focusing on medical technology, pharmaceuticals and life science.

Focus Medical Technology
Medical Technology

Innovative software solutions for the medical technology of the future

We develop modern software solutions that enable medical technology companies to offer their customers more efficient and safer treatment procedures. The connectivity of medical devices and digital solutions makes medical data usable and opens up new business models and application possibilities.

Life Science

We digitalize research and development in the life science industry

Our services range from the development of modern life science software for research and investigation purposes, through AI solutions for image processing and analysis, to digital systems that enable an improvement in the quality of life and standard of living through life science in health, medicine or pharmaceuticals.

Focus Life Science

SaaS solutions and digital ecosystems

With us, you can tap into new digital revenue models. To do this, we develop SaaS solutions and digital ecosystems for you. In this way, you expand your digital product range in a future-proof and competitive manner along your company's value chain.

Domain expertise in the health industry

Our technical expertise in the field of health and our understanding of processes in the regulated environment are the basis for a target-oriented and fast implementation of your projects.

Health technology expertise

Our technology and software expertise in the healthcare industry includes specialization in industry-standard technologies and interoperability standards such as FHIR® and DICOM®.

Usability – user focus in implementation

When designing your digital solutions, we pay attention to intuitive usability and a high level of usability of the applications for physicians, clinical and laboratory staff, patients.

Agile in the regulated environment along your QMS

We work agilely in a regulated environment and adapt our approach to applicable standards such as IEC62304. If desired, we develop completely along the specifications of your QMS.

Long-term, wide reference base

With our many years of experience in developing software solutions in the healthcare sector, such as medical technology, we offer a wide, inspiring reference base.

Future-proof digital solutions through your visions and our strengths

On your behalf, we develop innovative diagnosis and treatment solutions, telemedicine solutions and medical mobile apps. We optimize your clinical workflows and integrate medical devices and clinical data sources in the cloud.

Diagnosis & Treatment
Diagnosis & Treatment

Optimize treatment quality through intelligent decision support

We implement reliable and innovative software solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of patients on your behalf. With the help of modern technologies such as cloud computing or artificial intelligence, doctors are supported in their decision-making and the quality of treatment is increased.

Clinical Workflow Solutions

Connectivity for safe and efficient processes

We support you in the development of intelligent workflow management solutions that allow clinical staff to fully and efficiently care for patients on their patient journey. The connectivity of devices and applications enables digital collaboration and intelligent process control based on medical data. Patients can be treated faster, more safely and with less strain on resources.

Clinical Workflow Solutions
Medical Mobile Apps
Medical Mobile Apps

Mobile applications for clinical processes

We implement Medical Mobile Apps for clinical staff and patients that support the daily clinical routine.
From individual patient education to care coordination and preparation for surgery, mobile solutions accompany the treatment process and facilitate patient care.

Medical Device Software

Smart support through connectivity

We develop modern software and intuitive interfaces with high usability for medical devices. Connecting these devices, testing or supporting the service staff of medical technology companies with Smart Service Tools are part of our range of services.

Medical Device Software
Data Management Solutions
Data Management Solutions

Intelligent data management

We integrate medical devices and clinical data sources on a common platform. This enables centralized integration and management of clinical information with the goal of more comprehensive information delivery, more efficient treatment, and improved clinical decision making.

Telemedicine Solutions
Telemedicine Solutions

Reliable remote diagnostics through secure applications

We develop easy-to-use applications for remote diagnostics and communication of medical professionals, physicians. For this purpose, we integrate third-party systems for the transmission of audio and video data under the condition of encryption, data protection, high availability and permanent traceability.

Elisa Kunze, Key Account Managerin, ZEISS Digital Innovation

Are you looking for an experienced partner to get your projects off the ground? We will be happy to help.

Elisa Kunze
Key Account Manager
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Successful agile implementation of complex healthcare projects.

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Medical Technology
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