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In our business line health we are driven by creating digital health solutions today that will improve people‘s health tomorrow.

We speak health & digital and our mission is: To translate our in-depth healthcare and technology know-how into sustainable digital solutions to realize health innovations of ZEISS and external clients. These solutions empower health professionals to ultimately improve people’s health efficiently and effectively.

Our Industry Focus

We specialize in meeting the specific needs of the medical technology and diagnostics industries. These markets face complex challenges such as rising data privacy regulations, intense competition, and technological disruptions.

Together with you, we efficiently and sustainably realize your digital innovation and digitalize your medical technology and diagnostic product portfolios.

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How we make a difference for you

"We speak health & digital: Jointly deliver to accelerate your digital health innovations."
We drive long-term impact for you: Providing you benefits across the full cycle from consulting to delivery.


Future-Proof Digital Health Solutions

Enabled by our sustainable collaboration and software development approach.

Confidence in End-to-End Delivery of Ambitious Health Software Projects

Enabled by our medical technology and diagnostics specialization

Streamlined Health Software Development

Enabled by our firsthand ZEISS experience in medical technology diagnostics

Impulses for Business Growth

Enabled by our technology impulses and industry insights


What we create for you

We collaborate with your R&D teams on the digitalization of your medical technology and diagnostics product portfolios. Realizing your digital innovation ideas and requirements by designing, building, testing and operating digital health software across three solution domains:

Medical Device Software & Connectivity

Realizing your medical technology and diagnostic device software and connectivity between devices. Creating modern and state-of-the-art device software that helps improve care settings.

Solution examples: Imaging and Visualization Device Software, Robotic Device Software, Device Connectivity for Clinical Data

Health Software Applications

Creating your software products to optimize processes to support prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of people. Complementing your medical and diagnostic products with data-enabled services.

Solution examples: Telemedicine, Clinical Decision Support, Patient Data Management & Viewing, Patient Apps, Care Improvement and Optimization Solutions

Medical Mobile Apps

Medical Data Platform

Building your health data platform, in cloud or on premise, to support you in improving efficiency and clinical decision support through data integration, exchange, and interoperability. Additionally, supporting you in integrating digital solutions and devices into health data platforms.

Solution example: Clinical Data Integration Platforms


What we do for you

We realize custom health software solutions andprovide testing services for your health products. 

Our end-to-end software development services

We meet you where you are: Delivering on every stage of the digital health product development cycle.

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Our end-to-end quality assurance services

We support you end-to-end in your product verification: Our integrated test teams provide comprehensive test services for your health software.

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About Us

Who we are

We are your custom software development and quality assurance partner, specialized in the medical technology and diagnostics industries. 

Our specialization in numbers

We are part of the ZEISS Group, one of the world’s most innovative technology companies. We were founded in 1990, collaborating with ZEISS since 2005 and were acquired by ZEISS in 2020. Since then, we continue as a highly specialized partner to enable digital innovations for ZEISS and our external medical technology and diagnostics clients.

We speak health & digital.
Our software development and testing teams are deeply experienced and highly specialized and equally driven to create an impact on people's health. 

Number 30+


with firsthand ZEISS Medical Technology and Diagnostic Experience

Number 300+


specialized in Medical Technology and Diagnostics Software

Number 10+


in Healthcare, Science and Technology

Number 30+


of experience in Custom Software Development


Who is in our network

We collaborate with technology leaders, research institutes and universities in the field of digital health.

We participate in research projects to support and drive innovation that answer crucial questions in digital health. These collaborations allow us to be at the forefront of understanding the future of digital health technologies and thus to better consult and support our clients with the realization of their digital health innovations. Collaborations include eg. strategic partnership and project collaborations with Microsoft, collaboration with EKFZ Digital Health and TU Dresden as well as participation in the Clusters4Future Initiative SEMECO.


Elisa Kunze, Key Account Managerin, ZEISS Digital Innovation

Are you looking for an experienced partner to get your projects off the ground? We will be happy to help.

Elisa Kunze
Key Account Manager
elisa .kunze @zeiss .com


Successful agile implementation of complex healthcare projects.

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ZEISS EQ Workplace
Medical Technology
ZEISS IOLMaster 700 Service Tool
Medical Technology
ZUi Design System
FTI Engineering Network GmbH
Ambulance Video Assistant
ZEISS VisuScreen
Medical Technology


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