Ambulance Video Assistant (AVA)

Implemented for FTI Engineering Network GmbH

7 March 2022
Two paramedics standing in front of ambulance
Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Live video and audio communication

between emergency doctors and paramedics at the scene of an accident

The AVA system (Ambulance Video Assistant) was used to create a high-availability, cloud-based assistance system for emergency services personnel. It enables audio, video and vital data transmission, thus helping emergency services and emergency doctors save lives more efficiently.

Screen shows situation of accident victim
Telekom Deutschland GmbH

ZEISS Digital Innovation tasks

ZEISS Digital Innovation focused on implementing the cloud component using AWS Lambda and Amazon Chime (a communication service). This enabled connections with different third-party systems, such as patient monitors for transmitting patients' vital data, a stationary camera in the ambulance, and body cams for paramedics. What's more, a web app was developed to allow doctors to assess the situation of the accident victims at the scene, via a Windows tablet.

The app also allows users to manage different teams that are deployed at any one time, and to use a variety of channels (video, audio and a chat function) to communicate with the paramedics at the scene. The paramedics can use a web app to do so. To supplement this, the essential data for the deployment documentation are automatically recorded. The high demands in terms of data protection are also met, e.g. by encrypting safety-critical data.

Our Services

  • Requirements analysis
  • Designing and implementing the solution architecture
  • App design and UX
  • Implementation of the cloud solution
  • Implementation of the web client
  • Connection to third-party systems
  • Quality assurance and documentation

It was important to us from the outset to find a partner that could offer a high level of expertise in cloud technology, a partner that understands the strict data protection requirements and that could offer state-of-the-art cloud services like AWS, to develop the AVA system. ZEISS Digital Innovation's comprehensive expertise in the medical field make it a trusted specialist and development partner for FTI and the AVA system.

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Timme

Project manager AVA
Emergency doctor using the AVA solution
Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Utilizing synergies and saving lives

By jointly developing the solution, in close collaboration with the experts from FTI Engineering in the area of video and audio transmission, a solution was quickly devised that advanced digitalization for emergency services personnel.
The use of 4G technology, mobile video technology (body cams), mobile router systems, vital data transmission and connection to the AWS cloud enable emergency doctors to be more flexible and more efficient. Thanks to a live video connection through the web app, doctors can be at the scene of an accident while at the hospital, or while making their way there via remote assistance. This enables them to assess the situation of the accident victims and issue any instructions to the paramedics on-site. That means treatment can begin earlier, which improves patient outcomes and significantly increases the efficiency of the assistance provided by emergency services personnel.

Technical environment

AWS Chime, AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, AWS Simple Storage Service (S3), AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS), AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS), AWS DynamoDB, Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR), AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS Cognito, AWS Cloud Formation, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeDeploy, Typescript, Angular, Jira, Confluence, Git

About our customers

Since 2001, FTI has been a specialist for video-based security systems in aviation. With its innovative camera, video and sensor solutions, the company ensures that flights are safer, more efficient and more comfortable for those both inside the aircraft and on the ground. Since 2018, FTI has been a company of the Peiker family, also developing video systems for industrial use.

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