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  • Augmented Visualization
  • Digital Patient Communication
  • Single-Handed Operation

Interact and learn more about the key benefits of the latest ZEISS dental microscope.

Augmented Visualization

EXTARO® 300 from ZEISS provides breakthrough visualization modes that introduce new applications to microdentistry. From more effective caries detection to a simpler tooth restoration workflow, ZEISS EXTARO 300 is poised to revolutionize and differentiate your practice.

Digital Patient Communication

Revolutionize patient communication and optimize your data management, thanks to the wireless connection between ZEISS EXTARO 300 and the ZEISS Connect App, a specially designed app for dentists.

Single-Handed Operation

With only one finger, you can reach the multifunctional Mode Control to activate all visualization and capture modes as well as the light settings. From the same hand position, you can adjust the focus without leaving your preferred ergonomic working position.


ZEISS offers various iOS‐ and web‐based apps to support your usage of ZEISS EXTARO 300, from digital patient communication over efficient documentation workflow to professional peer collaboration.

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