ZEISS offers various iOS‐ and web‐based apps to support your
usage of ZEISS EXTARO 300, from digital patient communication
over efficient documentation workflow to professional peer collaboration.


  • ZEISS Surgical Cloud

    Synchronize recorded images and videos

    • Directly synchronize recorded images and videos from your ZEISS EXTARO 300 including patient and treatment information.
    • Set up collection folders and individualize your data management by adding your personal favorites.
    • Find easily certain cases later by filter and keyword search.
    • Manage capacity by selecting temporary or permanent storage options.
    • Enhance your professional collaboration and extend your network by straight forward and remote sharing of large files and knowledge with your peers.
  • ZEISS Surgical Cloud

    4-level communication in dentistry

    Watch the 20-minutes webinar by Christian del Rey Schnitzler, Madrid, Spain:

    • 00:47 Digital communication in dentistry
    • 02:21 Overview of the 4-level communication
    • 04:05 The 4 levels in depth
    • 10:52 Advantages of cloud computing
    • 11:33 ZEISS Surgical Cloud security
    • 12:09 ZEISS Surgical Cloud accessibility
    • 13:46 ZEISS Surgical Cloud increased collaboration
    • 15:22 ZEISS Surgical Cloud unlimited storage
    • 15:58 ZEISS Surgical Cloud loss prevention
    • 18:17 Conclusion
  • ZEISS Livestream

    Educate and present remotely

    • Leverage the simple and integrated option for remote education and presentation.
    • Schedule a live surgery or treatment in a simple way and send out invitation links to participants in advance.
    • Stream the live event over ZEISS Livestream, and your students and peers can watch the procedure via the secure web link in just a few clicks.
    • Become more efficient in data management and ultimately professional in knowledge sharing.


  • ZEISS Connect

    Connect your iPad

    Manage your treatment data efficiently with dedicated functionalities to integrate the ZEISS EXTARO 300 into your existing office IT infrastructure:

    • Manage patient data.
    • Share and export photos and videos.
    • Enhance your photos with annotations
    • Compare photos side‐by‐side.
    • Document procedures and create reports.
    • Watch multiple surgeries live.
    • Control illumination and camera of your ZEISS EXTARO 300.
  • ZEISS Connect

    Watch multiple surgeries live.

  • ZEISS Connect

    Control your ZEISS EXTARO 300.

  • ZEISS Connect

    Manage patient data.

  • ZEISS Connect

    Share and export photos and videos.

  • ZEISS Connect

    Compare photos side-by-side.

  • ZEISS Connect

    Document procedures and create reports.

  • ZEISS Connect

    Enhance your photos with annotations.

ZEISS Observe

Stream in real time on an iPhone

Students and guests can easily follow the treatment without advanced equipment. For a 3D immersive VR experience any VR headset can be used.

Interface of ZEISS Observe

Transmission viewing mode: Smartphone

Transmission viewing mode: VR headset

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The functions of ZEISS apps vary depending on the capabilities of the ZEISS visualization systems. Products, services, functions, or offers referenced on this webpage may not be available in all countries and product labeling varies by country. Product illustrations are based on CAD data and might differ from the real products. Please contact ZEISS regional representatives for more information. Please see user manual for more specifications.