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Visualize beyond

with a ZEISS dental microscope

The Augmented Visualization of ZEISS EXTARO 300 supports dentists in restorative dentistry, endodontics and all fields of dental surgery to achieve the highest level of performance and results – both functionally and aesthetically.

The first device

combining Fluorescence Mode and dental microscope magnification.1

The Fluorescence Mode in ZEISS EXTARO 300 helps you to identify caries margins to allow preservation of as much healthy tooth substance as possible.​ Fluorescence Mode in ZEISS EXTARO 300 supports detection of carious tooth substances.

Images courtesy of Dr. Tomas Lang, Essen, Germany

Repair caries-infected fillings efficiently

Identification of suspected carious tissue and lesions under microscope visualization saves precious time.

Images courtesy of Dr. Tom Schloss, Nuremberg, Germany

Differentiate tooth material

Using this clear visual differentiation will help you to target the affected area quickly, saving valuable chair time during treatment.

Images courtesy of Oscar Freiherr von Stetten, Stuttgart, Germany

Prevent premature composite curing

while working in a more natural light environment.

Similar to the existing Orange Color Mode, the TrueLight Mode2 of ZEISS EXTARO 300 does not cause premature polymerization of widely-used, contemporary light curing composites under the microscope, giving you more time to finish complex modeling tasks.

Work relaxed and without time pressure and identify relevant dental tissues in a more natural, white-light setting thanks to the optimized color balance.

Images courtesy of Dr. Stephane Browet, Ternat, Belgium

Distinguish slight color variations

with cross-polarized and natural light illumination.

The NoGlare Mode visualizes fine but relevant details. Perform tooth restoration without distracting reflections under cross-polarized illumination.

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    Jahrbuch der Endodontie 2017, Marktübersicht Mikroskope, OEMUS Verlag

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    For specifications see user manual