How ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner places surgical plans at your fingertips

1 July 2023
About the expert Dr. Sumitra Khandelwal, MD Dr. Khandelwal is a professor of ophthalmology at the Baylor College of Medicine, Cullen Eye Institute, in Houston, Texas. She is also the medical director for the Lions Eye Bank of Texas, also in Houston.

Integrating VERACITY Surgery Planner by ZEISS into my surgical workflow has elevated my practice by better informing my surgical planning, improving my preoperative efficiency, and connecting the technology platforms used before and during surgery.

As a surgeon specializing in complex cataract surgery, selecting the proper target, formula, and lens for patients can be a daunting and time-consuming task. With ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner, surgical plans that include various target-formula-lens permutations are shown side-by-side, allowing me to assess in real time which approach will be best for my patient—and empowering me to understand how small adjustments to, say, refractive targets will affect other elements of the surgical plan.

Formulas at Your Fingertips

In modern practice, patients can select from dozens of IOLs. A landscape formerly occupied by monofocal and multifocal IOLs now includes toric, trifocal, EDOF, light-adjustable, and accommodative lenses. Newer formulas that adjust for changes to technology—some of which surgeons may have little experience with—provide more options than ever before. Still, surgeons might find themselves returning to patterns that bar them from reaching the new technologies’ fullest potential, even if these options are efficient and effective and result in satisfied patients.

ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner aggregates data from presurgical evaluations so that relevant data points can be instantly calculated for several formulas. The surgeon is then shown the outputs of those formulas, allowing them to see how surgical plans are affected by formula choice. So, too, can surgeons see how IOL selection and refractive target adjustments alter surgical plans. With ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner, this all occurs with just a few taps; with my old way of doing things, this required input to calculators, printing of surgical plans, and general inefficiency.

The ability of ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner to instantly assess how target, lens, and formula affect a surgical plan empowers surgeons to select an approach that best suits their individual patients. This may, in turn, allow surgeons to maximize the potential of their chosen technology, and lead to outcomes that exceed patient expectations. So, too, may it allow doctors to leverage their surgical skillset and boost their confidence in their surgical strategy.

ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner also nudges surgeons to consider preoperative measurements that might otherwise be overlooked. For example, a surgeon who focuses on the benefits of EDOF and trifocal technology might place less emphasis on how a patient’s astigmatism will affect the surgical outcome. If using ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner, however, the surgeon in this scenario would be reminded to weigh the patient’s biometry when considering the appropriate target, lens, and formula.

ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner Keeps Your OR Nimble

Surgeons who have embraced ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner have experienced the benefits of a high-tech, patient-centered surgical software hub that easily digests and interprets inputs from a variety of platforms, calculates multiple formulas, and prepares a number of surgical plans. As if that weren’t enough, ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner has other offerings, and some surgeons (this author included) are still learning to integrate elements of ZEISS VERACITY Surgery Planner (eg, patient questionnaires, tracking of surgical outcomes) not discussed in this piece.   

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