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A new experience for ZEISS Industrial Metrology

The "ZEISS Industrial Quality AR" app links print and digital media using augmented reality. Rediscover interactive ZEISS print brochures with your smartphone or tablet. The app expands the available media with content such as videos, graphics, 3D models, web content and much more.

Thanks to the innovative ZEISS Industrial Quality AR App, you can experience the new ZEISS brochures interactively.
Open the application and hold the device over the marker page to discover further information such as videos, graphics, animations and more.

1. Download and install the ZEISS Industrial Quality AR App


2. Start app and hold the device above the marker

3. Experience ZEISS interactively and start animation by touch

ZEISS Industrial Quality AR App

Experience the new ZEISS brochures interactively! Augmented Reality functions provide a fast access to additional and explanatory information. All you need is a smartphone or tablet with the free "ZEISS Industrial Quality AR" app.