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ZEISS AR Metrology App

The "ZEISS AR Metrology" app links links the digital and the real world by using augmented reality. The app lets you experience ZEISS measuring equipment interactively.

Experience ZEISS measuring equipment interactively. The augmented reality features enable you to

  • get fast access to additional information, such as videos, graphics, animations and more.
  • position measuring devices in your environment to see which size fits best for example.
  • to get an overview of ZEISS machines and explore the fascinating technology insights of the interior using the X-ray view (not available for all machines).

Enter the world of Augmented Reality with ZEISS and experience the highlights of the shown products via the "ZEISS AR Metrology" App.

All you need is a smartphone or tablet.

Only 3 simple steps to get the AR experience:

1. Download and install the ZEISS AR Metrology App


2. Open it and choose your machine

3. Place the machine on a surface and experience the machine