Coordinate Measuring Technology and 3D Measurement Technology

In the industrial production of many industries, part inspection is a necessary tool to evaluate the product quality. Optical 3D solutions have become a valid technology for quality control. Non-contact measurements enable full-field analyses of the size, form and position of parts in a short amount of time. With the aid of color plots compared to CAD, deviating areas can be easily identified. In this way, companies can react faster on manufacturing defects and initiate necessary corrections. Since optical methods are time-saving and deliver quality information which is more detailed, product quality can be improved in the long run, processes can be optimized and costs can be sustainably reduced.

ZEISS has specialized in product development, production and distribution of inspection software, machines and systems for industrial and automated 3D coordinate measuring technology. Additionally, ZEISS provides comprehensive training courses and professional support. By combining cutting-edge 3D measuring systems with intelligent software, ZEISS allows for fast generation of high-resolution digital copies of parts.