Laser Scanning Microscopes

Sensitive, spectral confocal imaging and topography

Confocal laser scanning microscopes scan samples sequentially point by point, or multiple points at once.
The pixel information is assembled into an image. As a result you acquire optical sections with high contrast and high resolution in x, y and z.
Discover the new LSM 9 family for confocal 4D imaging with high sensitivity and spectral flexibility. Add Airyscan 2 with its new Multiplex mode to profit from smart detection schemes and parallel pixel acquisition. Gently image dynamic processes in larger fields of view in superresolution and with acquisition times shorter than ever before. Or image your fixed samples with higher throughput and less bleaching.

LSM 900 with Airyscan 2

Your compact confocal for gentle multiplex imaging and smart analysis

Packed with innovative solutions for producing the best quality in confocal live cell imaging.

LSM 900 for Materials

Your Versatile Confocal Microscope for Advanced Imaging and Surface Topography

Enables precise, three-dimensional imaging and analyses of nanomaterials, metals, polymers, and semiconductors.