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19 March 2018
    • Independent eye care professionals operate a ZEISS VISION CENTER that supports their work with digital technology networked from end-to-end together with premium products and a clear, modern yet timeless shop design.
    • The center accommodates all the relevant aspects of the shopping experience, from the store concept, to cutting-edge ZEISS instruments and systems as well as the latest frame trends, innovative and customized ZEISS precision lens, through to a systematic consultation process – the My Vision Experience by ZEISS.
    • My Vision Experience by ZEISS is a systematically structured consultation process to correctly identify a customer’s individual vision needs.
    • This process enables consumers to choose the eyeglass lenses that are right for them – supported by expert knowledge along with the use of modern measuring instruments and apps designed for advising the customer and identifying their vision requirements.
    • My Vision Experience by ZEISS is a transparent process that results in a well-informed consumer who understands how important each step is in the process of improving their vision.
    • Consumers who visit a ZEISS VISION CENTER can count on receiving a consultation backed up by professional knowledge and the latest technologies as well as recommendations for stylish frames that are right for them.
    • A ZEISS VISION CENTER dedicates extensive time to the entire consultation and refraction process and delivers the best product solution for the individual customer. The whole process takes place in an attractive, engaging shop setting featuring a design that conveys quality, professionalism, and aesthetics.
    • ZEISS VISION CENTER are specialist retail stores owned and operated by independent eye care professionals.
    • These professionals enter into an exclusive, long-term partnership with ZEISS.
    • Employees at ZEISS VISION CENTER receive comprehensive training to match the requirements of the My Vision Experience by ZEISS as well as regarding the available ZEISS systems, instruments and lens solutions.
    • Ongoing training sessions are provided to guarantee a high standard of quality.
  • The average size of a ZEISS VISION CENTER in terms of shop floor space is about 120 square meters.

    • An architect creates the shop design for the ZEISS VISION CENTER.
    • While all of the ZEISS VISION CENTER feature the same look thanks to special design elements, they are set up so each shop has its own individual character.
    • Parts of the iconic shop design are even protected by patent. (EP: 003299130 / 003298819)
    • The products, technologies and shop design have already received various awards, including the Retail ME Award 2013, several Red Dot Design Awards and the Best Architects Award in 2013.
    • To date, more than 300 ZEISS VISION CENTER have opened in around 41 countries, including the US, China (Hong Kong), South Africa, Brazil and Germany.
    • ZEISS is continuously expanding the number of ZEISS VISION CENTER around the globe.

Status as of March 2024

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Press contact Julia Baier International PR: Instruments, Tools and Digitalization

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