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Webinar "The Future of Medical Devices in the Operating Room"

An Introduction into IEEE 11073 Service-Oriented Device Connectivity

The Future of Medical Devices in the Operating Room – An Introduction into IEEE 11073 Service-Oriented Device Connectivity

Interoperability is revolutionising patient care. Learn about the importance of Service-Oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) and get an introduction to SDC in our on-demand webinar.

Why does SDC matter?
The operating room (OR) is an environment where some of the most complex medical products are utilized for patient treatment. To improve treatment effectiveness and reduce medical personnel's burden, new medical devices should be integrated into the OR infrastructure and interoperable across vendors.

The newly established device standard IEEE 11073 Service-Oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) aims to close the gap in cross-vendor communication between medical devices and better integrate them into the operating room. This allows medical personnel to focus on the patient rather than the devices.

Who is this on-demand webinar for?
This technical webinar is for anyone interested and is especially suited for individuals such as developers, architects, or project managers looking for new ways to meet Medtech interoperability standards.

What can you expect from the webinar?
Discover how medical device manufacturers can prepare their medical devices to talk IEEE 11073 SDC within this 52-minute technical webinar. The on-demand webinar is presented by Richard Bieck, Solution Specialist at ZEISS Digital Innovation Health Solutions, and covers the following aspects:

  • Overview of the current state of medical device interoperability/interconnectivity and the IEEE 11073 family of standards, also called Service-Oriented Device Connectivity (SDC).
  • Summary of the potential that SDC offers medical device manufacturers to prepare their products for standardized communication with other medical devices.
  • Introduction to the structure and implementation concepts of SDC.
  • A demonstration “in code” of how the service-oriented provision of medical device data between providers and consumers in an OR environment can be achieved.
  • Bigger picture of future applications in point-of-care scenarios and how to achieve semantic interoperability/interconnectivity, as well as high-end workflow integration for medical devices.
  • The session concludes with an overview of current challenges posed by the growing scale of medical devices, the new considerations of safety and security requirements for patient and user interactions, as well as the limitations presented by the current regulatory framework.
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Presenter & Author Richard Bieck Solutions Specialist
Zeiss Digital Innovation Health Solutions
Further information

If you want to learn more about SDC or find out how we could help you with your medical device connectivity visions or overcome challenges, please get in touch with us.