Electric driving

Implemented for ENSO Energie Sachsen Ost AG

7 March 2022
Electric car being charged

Joint agile development of a web app

The digital consulting assistant “Electric driving” is part of the vision of ENSO and DREWAG. The aim is to become the main contacts for questions related to e-mobility.

Interested parties can find out about different user journeys related to e-mobility. This is ensured in particular by a comparison calculator, which forms the heart of the application. It uses a driver's individual driving behavior to determine whether an electric vehicle would be more cost-effective for them than one running on fossil fuels. The app is supplemented by a vehicle consultant based on ADAC data.

The digital consulting assistant can suggest products and services from ENSO and/or DREWAG for the e-vehicle they've selected. This includes the right charging devices, charging accessories, services and, of course, the electricity product itself. Users can add all the products to a wish list and automatically send it to ENSO and/or DREWAG as a contact request. This way, ENSO and/or DREWAG can provide customers with specific details on the technical implementation and individual offers.

  • Electric car being charged

    Source: emobil.Kompass (

  • Source: emobil.Kompass (

  • ZEISS IOLMaster 700 Service Tool - parameter optimization

    Source: emobil.Kompass (

ZEISS Digital Innovation tasks

As part of distributed agile collaboration, a ZEISS Digital Innovation mixed team provided support for this project. The task was to advance an existing Angular-based prototype as per the functional requirements. These included the implementation and connection of a Spring Boot back end for managing and maintaining master data, such as charging devices, charging accessories, services, tariffs and vehicles. The app also had to be styled with the ENSO and/or DREWAG corporate design for the relevant domain.

It was important to work with the product owner throughout the project. In addition to the development itself, we were also able to share our experience with customers thanks to our agile processes according to SCRUM principles, and through our teams working at distributed locations.

Our Services

  • Software development frontend with Angular
  • Software development backend with Spring Boot
  • Styling of the application in the corporate designs of ENSO and DREWAG, whereby the respective style is applied depending on the domain
  • Establishing a unified development environment with Vagrant
  • Database migration and versioning using Flyway
  • Consulting in the area of "agile approach"

The collaboration was very good in that it focused squarely on our specific customer situation. With this second joint project, we implemented another agile development project. ZEISS Digital Innovation was always a professional development partner, in terms of both technology and methods, and had a solid understanding of the field.

Steffen Stelzig

Team Lead Data Processing - ENSO Energie Sachsen Ost AG

Special challenges

One of the challenges was to meet the tight deadline for delivering the web app. In addition to providing a back end for master data management, a prototype needed to be developed for transfer into the corporate design of ENSO and DREWAG.

From a technical perspective, the challenge was to run several Spring Boot applications on one application server. This resulted in the back-end configuration being externalized and a definitive name having to be assigned for the configuration files. While this was supported by the Spring framework, it did contain some pitfalls.

In terms of the front end, the app was to be shown in the relevant corporate design of ENSO or DREWAG depending on the domain name, without the same software having to be deployed twice.

Technical environment

Angular 6, Java 8, Spring Boot 2, PostgreSQL, Flyway, Maven, Git, Vagrant, Bitbucket, Jira, Scrum, Slack,

About our customers

ENSO Energie Sachsen Ost AG is an energy provider that supplies the residents of Eastern Saxony. It primarily supplies end consumers and distributors of electricity, gas and district heating. Its core business is supplemented by comprehensive technical and commercial services for supply and disposal companies. The utilities sector in Eastern Saxony is part of the Dresden energy network (EnergieVerbund Dresden). This comprises ENSO AG and DREWAG – Stadtwerke Dresden GmbH, which are a powerful duo, especially with regard to a future-ready supply structure in the region.

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