Managed Test Services

Implemented for European Commodity Clearing AG

7 March 2022
European energy market

Quality assurance for IT systems in the regulated market

ZEISS Digital Innovation supports the European Commodity Clearing AG (ECC) departments with the system and acceptance tests for their IT systems, as well as with a series of international projects within the context of European market coupling in the energy market and for tapping into new markets.

ZEISS Digital Innovation tasks

Since the tests are conducted as per ECC specifications as one of the banks regulated by financial supervision, there are special requirements regarding the quality of conducting tests and of documentation. The testing manager or testing team at ZEISS Digital Innovation logs the test results and delivers test progress and final reports on an ongoing basis. In addition to the implementation, ZEISS Digital Innovation is lending customers its support with improving the testing process on an ongoing basis.

Our Services

  • Implementation of test management
  • Controlling a test team
  • Coordination with department, release and project management
  • Requirements gathering and communication with project managers
  • Planning / control of the test design and test implementation
  • Test case preparation
  • Test monitoring
  • Problem report coordination, priority-driven tracking

With ZEISS Digital Innovation, ECC has a partner with a proven track record in test management, which uses established methodology competency and the knowledge gained in the energy market to make a key contribution to the advancement of a high-quality service offering for our customers.

Dr. Götz Dittrich

Chief Operating Officer of the ECC

Special features of managed test services

Managed test services are not just an easy way of outsourcing the testing duties. They are based on a testing service agreement and offer a solution where the tasks, duties and billing model are tailored to the customer's requirements. The service manager and test manager are responsible for coordinating the process with the customer and the specialist department. The service manager works with the customer to plan the testing services, which include defining the content and tasks.

Managed test services at ZEISS Digital Innovation aim to establish an integrative testing process that involves both interconnection of the testing systems and a networked testing organization for networked testing processes. The managed test services thus meet the company's requirements for a more integrative testing focus and flexibility through scalability, communication and comprehensive testing expertise.

About our customers

European Commodity Clearing AG is a clearing house specialized in commodities and is part of the EEX Group. The EEX Group operates marketplaces for energy and commodity products worldwide, with a network of over 600 trading participants. The Group's offering encompasses trade with energy, environmental products, freight, metals and agricultural products, as well as clearing and register services. As part of the EEX Group, the ECC performs clearing and processing services for business agreed in the EEX Group marketplaces and through other partner exchanges. ECC has comprehensive knowledge of physical processes and makes a key contribution to the integration of the European energy market.

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