ZAST web portal

Implemented for ZAST GMBH

7 March 2022
ZAST web portal

Development of a web app for use throughout Bavaria

ZAST GmbH is providing emergency services personnel in Bavaria with a web app (ZAST web portal) to help them with transport document recording. The app is currently being used by around 5000 people.

ZEISS Digital Innovation tasks

A team at ZEISS Digital Innovation developed the portal in 2008 and successfully rolled it out that same year. The following main processes are mapped in the portal:

  • Acceptance of transport data or control center data via web services, FTP provision or online via the web interface
  • Automatic plausibility checks of the document data and automatic correction if necessary
  • Preparation and export of shipment documents for further processing systems
  • Calculation and provision of deployment statistics
  • Master data and user management

Prior to commissioning, the prerequisites for ensuring service operations on the part of ZEISS Digital Innovation were created within a transition phase. The corresponding SLA agreement governs the service and standby times, as well as the reaction and solution times for incidents and service requests. This has since formed the basis for ZEISS Digital Innovation to perform structured maintenance and advance the ZAST web portal. To this end, we are combining methods like scrum and Kanban to create an efficient process model that is saved in our management system, which is certified to ISO 9001:2015. This process model for software evolution is subject to ongoing service improvement, which regularly adapts the process to the requirements of our clients and the market.

Our Services

  • Project management
  • Application development
  • Planning and execution of various test stages
  • Planning and execution of the transition (transition to operation)
  • Maintenance and continued development
    • Professional enhancement to the portal
    • Troubleshooting
    • Master data update
    • Connection of new external devices / adaptation of interfaces (e.g. addition of NidaPad)
    • Statistics import
    • Technology update

For several years, ZEISS Digital Innovation has proven itself a competent and reliable supplier to ZAST GmbH. After successfully joining forces to set up the portal solution, ZEISS Digital Innovation's primary task is to look after and advance this sophisticated development. To this end, ZEISS Digital Innovation is assigning experienced project employees and offering ZAST GmbH an unwaveringly high level of professionalism and quality.

Sören Lüdke

IT Manager

Special challenges

In order to maintain the value of the portal solution, ZEISS Digital Innovation is upgrading the system landscape and the technologies it utilizes on an ongoing basis. To date, this has involved several major evolutionary steps, and the challenges they posed.

First, the database was switched from Oracle to PostgreSQL. This involved adapting both requests in Java source code and the handling of Boolean operators.

Second, the GlassFish server was exchanged for a WildFly server. The challenges included making adjustments to the web services, switching the interfaces to XHTML and shifting from Toplink to Hibernate.

Technical environment

Java EE 5, EJB 3, Hibernate, JPA, JSF 1.2, RichFaces, Oracle 9, NetBeans 7, JSF RichFaces, Java EE7, JSF 2.2, IntelliJ, PrimeFaces, Java 8, PostgreSQL, WildFly server, GlassFish server, Atlassian Suite (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket), JPA, RESTful web services, Maven, Kanban and Scrum methods

About our customers

The Zentrale Abrechnungsstelle für den Rettungsdienst Bayern GmbH (ZAST - Accounting Center for the Bayern GmbH Emergency Services) is the legally appointed service provider for the emergency services in Bavaria. Its core competencies include the accounting for all the emergency services deployments performed by the aid organizations in Bavaria. The accounting encompasses invoicing for payers (e.g. social insurance companies, hospitals) or private persons acting on behalf of aid organizations, as well as the resulting claims, the dunning process and complaints processing.

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